Jane Casey

Jane - Camino Communications ManagerJob Title: Communications Manager
Hobbies: Photography, playing guitar, hiking, cooking.

Why do you like the Camino?
The Camino is an amazing opportunity to leave behind the daily grind and get to know yourself a little better. While walking long distances can be challenging at times, it’s very calming knowing that all you need to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other and follow the way marks. The scenery is stunning, the people you meet are inspiring… and the wine is delicious!

Who are walking holidays suitable for?

Everyone and anyone! Whether you’re a seasoned walker or a complete beginner –  there is a route to suit you, no matter what your age or fitness level . All you need to do is rise to the challenge and reap the benefits!

Outside of work what are you interested in?

Outside of work, I have lots of hobbies! From playing guitar, to taking out the bike on weekends and finding a fun new cycling route. But right now, my big love is photography. I never leave my house without my camera. An ideal weekend for me is hitting the trail and capturing the beauty as I go.

What do you like about working in FTC/OFA?

What I love about my workplace, is that we’re a team of individuals from many different countries and backgrounds, but all share a common passion of going on adventures and helping others do the same.

What advice would you give to someone new to walking holidays?

If you are new to walking holidays, ensure you do a little training before your adventure. Buy yourself some walking boots well in advance of your departure and start by taking small hikes at weekends and slowly build up the distance. This way, you’ll break in your walking boots and build up or stamina at the same time. The more training you do, the more enjoyable your Camino!