Karolina Mitova

Karolina MitovaJob Title: Camino Planner
Hobbies: Travelling and learning about different cultures, hiking, snowboarding, writing, and cooking/baking.

What advice would you give someone going on the Camino for the first time?

Do it! Enjoy it! Experience new things and don’t be afraid but do make sure you have a good pair of hiking shoes. 😃

What do you like about working in Follow the Camino?

I love being part of an international team with different backgrounds working towards same or similar goals. Being part of such an amazing team gives me the opportunity to help people from around the world to plan their walking holidays and make sure they enjoy every step of their way.

Who are walking holidays suitable for? 

The beautiful thing about the Camino is there are so many routes to choose from and that makes it possible for almost everyone to find what they are looking for.