Louise Murphy

Louise - Marketing managerJob Title: Marketing Manager

What is your favourite walking holiday?
I loved walking the Wicklow Way, which we walked over 3 short trips. I was blown away by the scenery that is just down the road from where I live. However, we were also blown away by the weather in March, so I would love to do it again in the sunshine, or at least when it is dry! Starting from the city in Marlay Park, through the best known section in Glendalogh and onwards to and walking every step of the 127km to the final destination in Clonegal. It is definitely one of Ireland’s best kept secrets.

What is your favourite Camino holiday?

My favourite Camino is the northern route from San Sebastian to Bilbao was my first adventure on the Camino. I had been to San Sebastien previously so it is a town that I love with its narrow alley full of tapas delights and brimming with atmosphere on a warm summers night. From here we hit the road towards Bilbao. As Camino novices we were not well prepared and I soon invested in hiking sticks to help me on the way. We walked the first week of August and the weather was fabulous. We were lucky to happen upon local festivals during our week and finished in Bilbao on the week of Aste Nagusia, which was a real treat, and a great finale to our holiday.

What do you like about working in FTC/OFA?

There is a great atmosphere in this company. Everyone is there to ensure that we give clients the best possible experience, because we all love to travel and enjoy walking holidays. So it is a pleasure to work with people who enjoy the essence of their role. At the end of the day, we will always do what we can to help the client plan their Camino, using our expertise.

As well as walking what are the advantages of a walking holiday?

Mental wellness is a topic that has been given increasing attention in recent years. The simply act of walking is so very good for the mind. Especially when that is all you have to do in a given day is walk from A to B there is a lovely simplicity in doing just that. The walking becomes meditative as you switch on auto pilot and create space for clarity of thought and to process whatever it is that is going on in your life at that moment. It is also a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones. Time is so precious, so time is the best gift you can give.