Shenda O’Hare

Shenda - Camino PlannerJob Title: Camino Planner / Marketing
Hobbies: Walking, crochet, making cards, gifts etc.., shopping and socialising as well as travelling!

What is your favourite Camino holiday?
My favourite Camino holiday is walking from Sarria to Santiago as you get a real sense of excitement the closer you get to Santiago. There is also a wonderful sense of community as people share their stories of their walk so far.

What advice would you give to someone new to walking holidays?

Advice I would give to someone new to walking holidays would be to do it! When walking take your time, it’s not a race and be sure that you have broken in your shoes well before you go!

Why do you like the Camino?

I like the Camino because there is no other experience on earth like it. The ability to unplug and spend each day with nothing more to do than get to your next destination is both physically and mentally refreshing!

What do you like about working in Follow the Camino / One Foot Abroad?

What I like about working for Follow the Camino is that everyone who works here loves travelling. They have also all done so much of the Camino that hearing their stories and seeing all the different itineraries makes me want to do more of the Camino!