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Our team of Camino experts have created a list of helpful equipment for the Camino de Santiago. We have broken the list down into a few categories, without luggage transfer, winter and with a luggage transfer. There is also some items that are hostel specific and some that you may not need if you are staying in hotels.

The lists are very similar but we believe you will see with the luggage transfer you have the opportunity to carry more and are able to bring some non-essential items to make your trip more enjoyable while walking the Camino. If you decide to not avail of a luggage transfer, you are limited to the amount of extra equipment you can take with you. This is because you have to ensure you can carry all the Camino essentials. Please take a look at the equipment list for Camino de Santiago below and make sure you are ready to take on the challenge of walking the Camino de Santiago. Buen Camino!

Equipment list for Camino de Santiago Without Luggage Transfer

– Clothing
– Shirts (T-Shirts, Vest)
– Jacket
– Underwear (thermal)
– Shorts
– Sunglasses
– Fleece for cooler weather
– Socks (hiking socks and regular socks for the evening)
– Some type of waterproof attire (rain jacket, poncho)
– Shoes
– Sandals/lightweight shoes for evening time
– Walking shoes/boots (heavyweight boots not necessary)
– A large multiple day backpack with rain cover
– Sleeping bag (Not if staying in hotels)
– Torch/Flashlight
– Swiss Army Knife
– Some sort of water container
– Towel (Not if staying in hotels)
– Mobile phone and charger
– Essential Documents
– Passport/Pilgrim Passport
– Wallet/Purse
– Cash
– Credit/Debit Card
– Necessary toiletries (less if you are staying in hotels)
– Medicine/First Aid
– Plasters (Band-Aid)
– Blister plasters
– Sunscreen
– Painkiller (Aspirin, Tylenol, etc.)
– Antiseptic Cream
– Any prescription medication    

Extra Equipment Needed for Camino de Santiago Without Luggage Transfer in Winter
– Walking shoes/boots (More heavyweight than summer)
– Several pairs of socks (wool for warmth)
– Extra clothing (Warmer/heavier layers than summer – Shirts, t-shirts, vest, jacket, underwear, shorts, etc.)
– Heavy Fleece or Jacket
– Wool hat for warmth
– Sleeping bag (Not if staying in hotels)

Disclaimer: Without luggage transfer you will not have the option for many extras. Take a look at the list of optional items you could bring along with a luggage transfer.

Equipment list for Camino de Santiago with Luggage Transfer
Essential and Non-essential Equipment can be transported using a luggage transfer. Extras you can bring:

– Guidebook
– Headlamp
– iPod
– Makeup
– Snacks
– Extra Clothing
– Walking Poles
– Mittens (Winter)
– Journal
– Books
– Smaller backpack for walking
– Playing Cards
– Small Instrument
– Camera Equipment
– Flashlight with extra batteries and bulb
– Binoculars
– Collapsible plastic bucket or bowl for laundry
– Moist sealed mini paper towels
– Some general antibiotics
– Powdered drink mix
– Chocolate or Candy Bars
– Needle, thread and safety pins
– Rip-stop nylon tape
– Dental Floss
– Ace Bandage
– Diary/Journal

The amount of items will depend on how long your trip is. Please Visit the Follow the Camino website for more information on starting your Camino!

You can check out our article on Packing Your Bags for the Camino de Santiago on our website. It gives advice on essentials and what to bring for a more comfortable and assured experience.

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