Spanish phrases to know before your Camino de Santiago Tour

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Learn Spanish phrases before you head off on your Camino trip to make life a little easier for yourself along the way. English is widely spoken but in smaller villages, knowing some key Spanish phrases goes a long way.

Follow the Camino has made a helpful guide of common Spanish phrases to help you along while walking the Camino.

Trying your best to use some of these will only enhance your Camino experience. Just start with a few phrases today, learn Spanish!

Accommodation Alojamiento
I’m looking for… Estoy buscando Eh-stoy boos-kan-do…
I’d like to… Quisiera Kee-sye-ra
Where is…? Donde esta…? Don-dees-ta
How much is …? Cuanto cuesta…? Kwan-to kwes-ta?
I don’t like it No me gusta No megoos-ta
It’s fine Vale Ba-lay
Too expensive Demasiado caro De-ma-sya-do ka-ro
Cheaper Mas economico Mas e-ko-no-mee-ko
Conversation& Essentials
Does anyone here speak English? Hay alguien que hable ingles? Ai al-gyenkea-bleeen- gles?
Hello Hola O-la
Good morning Buenos dias Bweh-nos dee-as
Good afternoon Buenas tardes Bweh-nas tar-days
Good evening Buenas noches Bweh-nas no-ches
Bye/See you Adios A-dyos
Please Por favor Por fa-vor
Thank you Gracias Gra-thyas
You’re welcome De nada De na-da
Sorry/Excuse me Perdon Per-don
What’s your name? Como te llamas? Ko-mo telya-mas?
My name is Me llamo Melya-mo
It’s a pleasure to meet you Encantado En-kan-ta-do/a
Where are you from? De donde eres? De don-dsy ay-rays?
I am from… Soy de… Soy day…
Can I have a beer please? Una cerveza por favor? Una serv-aysah por fa-vor?
Can I have a… glass of wine please? Un vino por favor? Un bee-no por fa-vor?
Yes Si See
No No No
How do I get to…? Como puedo llegar a…? Ko-mo pwe-do lye-gar a…?
Is it far? Esta lejos? Es-tale-khos?
Go straight ahead Vaya derecho Va-ya day-ray-cho
Turn left Tuerza a la izquierda Too-err-sahala eeth-kyer-da
Turn right Tuerza a la derecha Too-err-sahala de-re- cha
Open Abierto A-bee-er-toe
Closed Cerrado Se-rra-doe
PoliceStation Estacionde policia Es-ta-cionde po-li-cee-a
Entrance Entrada En-tra-da
Exit Salida Sa-lee-da
Prohibited Prohibido Pro-hee-bee-do
Toilets Servicios Ser-vee-see-os
Men Hombres Om-brays
Women Mujeres Moo-hay-rrays
Help Socorro SO-KO-RO
Fire Fuego Foo-ay-go
Call…! Llame a…! lya-maya…!
An ambulance Una ambulancia Oo-naam-boo-lan-thya
A doctor Un medico Oon meh-dee-ko
The police Policia Po-lee-thee-a
It’s an emergency Es una emergencia Es oo-nae-mer-khen-thya
Could you help me please? Me puede ayudar porfavor? Me pwe-dea-yoo-darpor fa-vor?
I am lost Estoy perdido/da Es-toyper-dee-do/da
Where are the toilets? Donde estan los banos? Don-dees-tanlos ba-nyos?
I’m sick Estoy enfermo/a es-toy en-fer-mo/ma
Where’s the hospital? Donde esta el hospital? don-dees-taelos-pee- tal?
I’m allergic to… Soyalergico a… Soya-ler-khee-ko/kaa…
I am vegetarian Soy vegetariano Soyve-he-ta-ria-no
1 Uno Oo-no
2 Dos Dos
3 Tres Tres
4 Cuatro Kwa-tro
5 Cinco Theen-ko
6 Seis Seys
7 Siete Sye-te
8 Ocho O- cho
9 Nueve Nwe-be
10 Diez Dyeth
I’m looking for the… Estoy buscando Es-toy boos-kan-do…
ATM El cajero Elka-khe-ro
Bank El banco El ban-ko
Postoffice Correos Ko-re-os
Time& Dates:
What time is it? Que hora es? Keo-ra es
Today Hoy Oy
Tomorrow Manan Ma-nya-na
Yesterday Ayer A-yer
What time does … leave/arrive? A que hora sale? A keo-ra sa-le?
The bus El autobus Elow-to-boos
The plane El avion Ela-vyon
Thetrain El tren Eltren
Airport El aeropuerto Ela-e-ro-pwer-to
Bus station La estacion deautobuses Laes-ta-thyon deow-to-boo-ses


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