Camino Short Walking Days

Camino Short Walking Days

Walking or cycling the Camino, the Way of Saint James, can be seen by many as a challenge.  So we have devised our Camino Short Walking Days.

At Follow the Camino, we want everybody to be able to achieve their Camino and experience the unique satisfaction of having accomplished something extraordinary and meaningful!

Since 2006, when we created our new and innovative way to walk the Camino.  We split the route into more manageable sections and ensure you stay every night in carefully chosen and regularly assessed, authentic accommodation (pretty pensiones, genuine casa rurales and family owned hotels),  allowing you to enjoy the social and cultural scene at each location and making sure you are enjoying the freshest local food and drinks!

We have been listening to customer feedback and as a result we realised that some might want an even easier way, where they are able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, visit the amazing towns and villages they come across or simply take it easy while walking. Others might need to walk less kilometres because of health issues.

So for anyone wanting to take it easy on the Camino, we have a full range of manageable walking and cycling itineraries. With walking itineraries of less than 15km per day and cycling less than 20km you are sure to be able to enjoy the best of what the Camino has to offer without exhausting yourself. We call them our Camino Short Days.

Camino Short Days allows you to start your days walk at a time that suits you, so no need to get up at the crack of dawn to start walking.  The days are designed so that you will be walking roughly for half a day so the other half is free to explore the towns along the way.  Our most popular route for this Short Walking Days is from Palas de Rei to Santiago de Compostela a total of 65km over 7 days.

If you do not see the one you want then contact us on and we will tailor-make it for you!


“As a manageable introduction to the Camino de Santiago for the less athletic, the Follow the Camino Easy Day?s package was a brilliant idea. Even for those who found the walking a challenge, this was a profound experience.”
Keith, Manchester, UK

“Loved the Easy day trip from Sarria was really nice to have it be organized so well and run like clockwork. We were all fit and over 60, but very happy not to be walking 28-30 km/day and to be able to relax almost every afternoon. Wonderful!”
Fred, Canada


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