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Walk the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route, The Camino Surf & Turf


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Walk the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route in style! Starting from Porto, Viano Do Castelo or Oia to Santiago de Compostela

Walking the Camino can be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience, while also providing great exercise. Now imagine experiencing this while walking along the most beautiful scenic coasts of northern Spain!

Follow the Camino invites you to go on the Portuguese Way with a twist – a coastal twist. The Portuguese Coastal Route moves alongside the amazing Atlantic shores of Portugal and Galicia in Spain, from Viana do Castelo to Santiago. Walk between the mountains and sea with our Camino Surf and Turf holiday!
Walk the west coast of Portugal and Spain, and see the sea!

You’ll start from Viana in Portugal, on your way to Santiago while walking next to the most amazing sandy beaches of Galicia, such as those near A Guarda, Baiona and the famous Cies Islands, the Praya America. Go for a dip in the clear waters of the Vigo estuary and cross one of the most cultural and historic areas of Spain. This region is home to many medieval towns, such as the beautiful Pontevedra and Baiona, the first ever city to hear about the discovery of America. This is an amazing route for the culinary-minded as well, with the best seafood Spain can offer – amazing percebes (barnacles), lobsters, oysters, and of course, scallops!


Walk the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route, The Camino Surf & Turf map
Day 1 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Viana do Castelo
Viana do Castelo is your starting point for this amazing Surf &Turf Camino on the Portuguese Coastal Way.
Viana is one of the most beautiful Portuguese cities, located in the Minho region in northern Portugal. Classified as the Mecca of Architecture, the city is famous for its monuments in-and-around the city, as well as the surrounding natural beauty of its beaches and seafront. Take time to visit the historic city, the 15th Century cathedral and the Basilica of Santa Lucia (a Montmartre lookalike!).

Day 2 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal RouteViana do Castela to Villa Praia de Ancora – 15km (4h00)
After a gentle walk along the coast to this small village, it’s a perfect stopover on your way north. The village itself is small but very charming and you’ll have the chance to go for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. This will be an easier walking day as you follow the coastline, alternating between tracks and footpaths.

Day 3 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal RouteVilla Praia de Ancora to Caminha – 9km (3h)
Walking through Villa Prais de Ancora, continue onto the beach Praia de Moledo. From here, you’ll walk through a forest and then along a boardwalk before arriving into Caminha, the last town before crossing into Spain.

Day 4 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Caminha to Oia – 16km (4h30)
The walk today will quickly pass by Caminha where you will catch a ferry to A Guardia. On your arrival, you can walk around the peninsula and stop for a coffee or lunch overlooking magnificent beach scenery before continuing to the lovely small village of Oia. Today’s walk is easy along the coastline.

Day 5 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Oia to Baiona – 19km (5h00)
From Oia, you walk along a coastal footpath away from the main road. After 10km you’ll reach a gorgeous coastline boardwalk with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cies islands.

Day 6 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Baiona to Vigo – 23km (6h30)
The route out of the lovely town of Baiona will take you alongside a sandy beach for most of the day. You’ll have regular opportunities to stop in local cafes along the beach. Next, you’ll encounter a classic Galician feature – a maze of streets before entering the city of Vigo via its wide sandy beach. Vigo is a very active city that you will reach after a 3km walk through the harbour.

Day 7 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route  Vigo to Redondela – 13km (3h30)
This walking day out of Vigo is a relatively short day and is mostly uphill, but you are rewarded with wonderful views of the city and harbour. As this is not a very long day of walking, you may want to spend some time in Vigo and explore the bay area which is one of the settings for Jules Verne’s novel ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’. It’s from this bay that Captain Nemo pilfered his wealth to fund his submarine, Nautilus, from the galleons sunk by the British during the Battle of Vigo Bay in 1702.
There is also an option to get a transfer from Vigo to Redondella so that you can walk to Pontevedra. This will shorten the itinerary by one night and the transfer is included in your price.

Day 8 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Redondela to Pontevedra – 19km (5h00)
Leaving Redondela, which is known as the Village of Viaducts due to the two 19th Century railroad viaducts in the town, you will proceed to the village of Arcade. From here, you’ll cross a Romanesque bridge where Napoleon was defeated by the Spanish during the War of Independence. Arriving into Pontevedra, head through its narrow streets before reaching the 13th Century church of Santa Maria. This church is of great interest to pilgrims as it is also the Capela da Peregrina, and although it appears round is actually in the shape of a scallop.

Day 9 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route From Pontevedra to Caldas De Rei – 21km (5h15)
From Pontevedra, the Camino runs parallel to the railway whilst passing chestnut groves. Continuing through the hamlet of Ponte Cabras, you’ll come upon the rectory of Santa Maria de Alba which is nestled among eucalyptus and pine trees. Leaving the thick woods of Lombo da Maceira behind, you will be greeted by a statue of St James the Pilgrim with his staff pointing the way ahead. Before reaching Caldas de Rei, your stop for the night, you’ll pass a power station before going through the lovely village of Tivo.

Day 10 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Caldas De Rei to Padron – 25km (6h15)
After leaving the Roman-influenced town of Caldas De Rei, cross the river Umia via a bridge that will lead you to a fountain of hot spring water for which the town is famous. The Camino then enters a woodland to ascend gently into the hamlet of Santa Marina, before going downhill to cross the river Fontenlo. Following the pine tree-lined Camino, you will return to the river as you arrive into Padron, famous for being the first land sighted by the ship bearing the body of St James. Whilst in Padron, be sure to try the peppers from this region and see if you get a hot one!

Day 11 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Padron to Santiago de Compostela – 24km (6h00)
Today the Camino goes through many small villages and hamlets to arrive at the Baroque sanctuary of A Esclavitude. Passing by the ruins of Castro Lupario, home to legendary Queen Lupa who is said to have provided the oxen to pull the cart carrying the remains of St James to Santiago, you will continue on to Agro dos Monteiros before you get your first glimpse at the spires of the Cathedral in Santiago. Finally, the Camino goes by the ruins of a castle known as A Rocha Vella, before arriving into the city of the Apostle.

Day 12 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route  Santiago de Compostela (End of your Camino)
You made it – congratulations! Get your Compostela at the Pilgrim Office and enjoy this amazing, inspirational city, and make sure to visit the Cathedral!




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Fly In

Option 1 – Porto
Ryanair fly direct to Porto from several cities in the UK and Dublin. Several other companies fly to Porto Airport.

Option 2 – Vigo
Ryanair fly direct to Vigo from the UK and Ireland.

Getting Home

Regular shuttle bus from Santiago city centre to Santiago Airport, takes 45mins.
Aer Lingus and Ryanair have direct flights to Ireland and the UK.


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