Horse Ride the Camino

Horse Ride the Camino

Walking and cycling the Camino de Santiago is very popular.  However this is not the only way to experience the Camino, you can also horse ride the Camino.

Horse riding on the caminoHorses have been associated with the Iberian Peninsula for thousands of years.  The Andalusian or Pura Raza Espanola comes from this area and is world renowned for its intelligence, sensitivity and docility. Which make it a perfect horse for riding on the Camino.

Experiencing the Camino on a horse ride holiday will not only allow you an elevated viewpoint to appreciate the magnificent scenery along the Way but also allows you to cover more ground.  You travel approximately 30km a day which is 6-8hrs riding.  To horse ride was the preferred method of travel for the Kings of Spain in days past and even St James is depicted riding a horse.  So if it’s good enough for Royalty and a Saint then why not you?

We now have a number of options for horse riding the Camino. On the Camino Frances you can do either a 9 day or 7 day trip. If crossing the Portugues/Spainsh border appeals to you then why not horse ride the Camino Portugues. Finally why not extend your trip or just horse ride to the End of the World on the Camino Finisterre.  As these trips are all-inclusive you will get to experience some of the finest local and freshly prepared cuisine along the way in family run restaurants.  Each rider will be assigned a horse for the duration of the trip and is sure to become a firm friend on this trip.

This Camino on Horseback is all inclusive! 

French Way (Guided Tour) – 7 Days
O’Cebreiro to Santiago
Start to Finish Status
19 May 19 – 24 May 19 Available
23 Jun 19 – 28 Jun 19 Available
18 Aug 19 – 23 Aug 19 Available
01 Sep 19 – 06 Sep 19 Available
06 Oct 19 – 11 Oct 19 Available


Portugese Way (Guided Tour) – 8 Days
Barcelos to Santiago
Start to Finish Status
05 May 19 – 11 May 19 Available
01 Jun 19 – 08 Jun 19 Available
22 Sep 19 – 28 Sep 19 Available



“We are having a great time and the accommodations are fantastic.”
Michael G. Davis, Virgina

“A truly amazing holiday full of many lovely memories. Thanks to the very efficient Follow the Camino team.”
Emma, Ireland


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