Walking the Camino de Santiago

Walking the Camino is an incredibly memorable and unique experience. A positive energy and warm sense of community can be felt all along the Camino, allowing you to meet like-minded people and build new friendships. Putting one foot in front of the other, among some of nature’s most beautiful surroundings, is extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Many have boasted moments of sheer clarity, creativity, and calm whilst walking the Camino de Santiago.

There is no one route or way to walk the Camino. There are nine main routes to reach Santiago. The Camino Frances is the most widely known and popular route into Santiago. Second in popularity is the Camino Portugues, which also ends in Santiago and has been expanded into a second route, the Camino Portugues Coastal Way. The other routes reaching Santiago are the Camino Ingles, Camino Primitivo and the Via de la Plata. The two routes that don’t end in Santiago are the Camino del Norte, which covers the northern coast of Spain and ends in Oviedo, and the Via Podiensis which traverses France from Le Puy en Velay to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port. The final Camino route, Camino Finisterre, is the only one to begin in Santiago and extends out to the coast and Cape Finisterre – also know as the end of the world!

Walking the Camino conjures images of pilgrims weighed down by a backpack, blisters on their feet and tired from not enough sleep. Many people believe that in order to be a true pilgrim you need to carry your own luggage and stay in hostels, but this isn’t true. To receive your Compostela you simply need to show the stamps you have collected while walking or cycling the Camino. Walking it will be a physical challenge as most people aren’t used to walking 20km a day, and even rarer to walk 20km day after day! We can, however, tailor your Camino trip to suit any level of fitness.

For many modern pilgrims, walking the Camino is a chance to get away from the hectic schedule of everyday life and take time to reflect. The idea is to mentally lighten your load whilst you walk, so why not also physically lighten your load by having your luggage transferred? This will leave you free to walk in comfort every day. Additionally, you will benefit from not having to worry about packing as you won’t have to carry everything with you every day. With your luggage sorted you’ll also want to ensure a good night sleep. So why not book yourself a private room and bathroom, a little luxury that is much appreciated after a long walking day! Follow the Camino can customise your trip to suit how you would like to walk and to suit your budget. Check out the various routes we offer and get in touch with any questions or to receive a free quote.

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