Umberto Di Venosa

Umberto - Camino Experts - Co-FounderJob Title: Co-Founder
Hobbies: Outdoor pursuits, such as walking, hiking and  cycling
Fun fact: Played national level rugby in early 20s in France.

Who are walking holidays suitable for?
Walking holidays are for everyone! Usually, I figure out what they want, whether it be a challenge, relaxation, culture, or food. I will give them what they want.

What is your favourite walking holiday?

I prefer more mountainous areas. I have not been all around the world (yet) but the Alps would be my favourite for now. I have done gentle walks in Switzerland (Valais) but also some other great walk at 2000m.
-3000m on the Haute Route or the Mount Blanc.

How do you prepare for a walking holiday?

I recommend being more active in your daily life. Just get out when you can, don’t take the lift, walk or cycle when you can instead of waiting for the bus or get stuck in traffic.

What is your favourite Camino holiday?

I really enjoy the Portuguese Coastal Way. The first 2 days are simply stunning along the coast and then we merge with the classic Portuguese Way and the Craic of the pilgrims.
The Sarria to Portomarin leg is also brilliant with the impressive views down the valley. I loved O’Cebreiro as well with a tough climb and then a gem of a village with great people.

Why do you like the Camino?

The Camino has been a great opportunity in my career when I first put this trip on a map of our website.
At that time I had not much idea about it at all. I have done my first walks on it (English and Portuguese Way). The Camino is simple, easy to navigate and comfortable.
It is a great walk for a first timer. Plus people chat a lot on it making it very sociable.

What do you like about working in Follow the Camino?

We organise great holidays to various places and they are all so different. When we first talk to clients and they ask us a quote to go on to San Diego de Compostela, we know people are not sure where they are going.
And we share we them our knowledge and help them to learn the local culture. We encourage them a bit to try the different food along the way. These exchanges with people are just brilliant.