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Camino Talks with Shane O’Mara – How Walking Makes You Happier

Written by Caitlin

It may be hard to think about while we are staying home and practising social distancing, but walking in the fresh air is really good for you. Even during coronavirus lockdown, the HSE in Ireland is recommending that children get outdoors. Adults should do the same, of course! Just make sure you stay 2 meters away from others while you do it.

Once things get back to normal and we are allowed to get out and travel again, put spending time outside on the top of your wish list. After months of being cooped up inside, there is nothing better for the mind, body, and soul than to get out into the fresh air.

As we covered in our recent video – walking outside is really good for your happiness. This is due to bodily changes caused by the physical action of walking, and also being outside in green spaces.

Listen to Professor Shane O’Mara from Trinity College Dublin talking about how walking makes us happier.

You can watch our video interview with Prof Shane O’Mara, from Trinity College, discussing walking and happiness.

The improved health is explained by many interacting health-promoting factors, such as exposure to sunlight and fresh air, increased physical activity, and that the natural areas reduce high stress levels and increase executive function.

E Sahlin, et al. 2019

Other ways walking is good for you

On top of all the amazing things that Professor O’Mara discusses in the video, there are a number of other good things that walking does –

Walking holidays are an excellent way to pack in loads of these benefits, and the training beforehand will also help. Holidays can add huge value to your life, so start walking and planning your next active holiday now.

Originally published on 3rd April 2020

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