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Popular Camino Route Costs

While we can design a customised itinerary for almost any budget, here are a few quotes for standard trips to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Last 100km of the Camino Frances – Sarria to Santiago de Compostela: €551 for 7 days
    This iconic stage of the famous Camino Frances is the most popular stretch of the whole Camino route network. It is bustling with people, overflowing with services, and filled with wonderful pilgrimage culture.
  • Last 100km of the Camino Portugues – Tui to Santiago de Compostela: €639 for 8 days
    The second most walked route to Santiago is the Portuguese Way. Get a taste of Portugal, with its beautiful language, welcoming people, and exquisite wineries.
  • The Whole Camino Frances – Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela: €3323 for 36 days
    Take on a full Camino route and walk from the French border all the way across the top of Spain. This walk captures the true essence of the Camino, from the vast, flat Meseta to the rolling Leon Mountains. You’ll meet travellers from all across the globe, and taste hearty Spanish meals as you embrace the spirit of the Camino.
  • The Whole Camino Portugues – Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela: €2720 for 29 days
    Follow in the footsteps of millions of Portuguese and international visitors who have approached Santiago from a different angle. Whilst the Camino Portuguese is quieter than the Frances, it is overflowing with wonderful and unique experiences. The route is varied and beautiful, passing through many stunningly diverse natural spaces.
  • The beginning of the Camino Frances – Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Pamplona: €406 for 5 days
    Start your Camino one stage at a time with the beginning of the renowned French Way. This is a wonderful option for those who plan to complete the Camino in several parts over a number of visits to Spain. Conquer the Pyrenees and wander through orchards, meadows, and historic towns as you start your Camino journey.

All of our standard packages include excellent accommodation, a customised itinerary and walking notes, bag transfers between your accommodation, breakfasts, your pilgrim passport, and 24/7 support while you are on your Camino.

*Please note that the prices given here are only a guideline and are based on shared room per-person costs. There may be changes to these prices based on dates and availability.

If you are doing the Camino by bike, we organise your bicycle hire and delivery to your start point.

We can also provide accommodation upgrades, airport collection and drop off, additional nights along the way, dinners, romantic treats, and day tours to cities, landmarks and attractions near the Camino. Just let us know what you are interested in and we’ll add it to your Camino quote.

For people on a very tight budget who are happy to stay in hostel style accommodation and albergues, we have a cheaper option – the Camino on a Budget.

We hope to see you soon on this spiritual walking holiday through Spain, Portugal, or France!

Buen Camino!

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Learn More About the Camino

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Explore the various Camino Routes and pick the one that suits you! We can give you a couple of quotes for different Camino routes so that you can choose between them.

Want to know more about the accommodation options on the Camino de Santiago? Here they are.

There is more than one way to walk the Camino! You can take it slower, covering fewer kilometres each day, and have more time in each place to explore. Our Camino Short Days are perfect for people who need to take things easy, too.

Check the average weather for the times of year you are thinking about. Some of the most popular months are May, June, and September because they avoid the scorching peak of summer.

Add a bit of zen meditation and movement to your Camino by doing a yoga tour. You’ll be accompanied by a qualified yoga instructor who can help you find inner peace.

You can do the Camino solo, or bring your kids or grandchildren! The Camino is perfect for all groups and families of any size. We can even offer you a quote for a private guided tour on the Camino!

Discover the history of the Camino and Saint James. Learn all about Camino Holy Years and what makes them so special.

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Practical Advice

Start preparing for your Camino by following our comprehensive training plan – designed by qualified physiotherapists!

Check out our ultimate Camino packing list and start getting your gear together. There is also one for cyclists!

Struggling to decide which Camino shoes to choose? We’ve got plenty of advice. We can also help you to choose a Camino backpack!

Looking for more information? Here are our favourite films and books abut the Camino to get you inspired!

The Camino is also a wonderful way to raise funds for charities and good causes. Let us know if you would like a quote for a charity fundraiser on the Camino de Santiago.

Ask us a question! We are happy to help.

Buen Camino!

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