What does it mean to go self-guided?

We here at Follow The Camino offer all Camino Tours on our website as self-guided or guided. All you have to do is choose your route!

Self-guided means we will plan organise everything for you ahead of your departure so you know exactly where you’ll be each day along your Camino de Santiago adventure. We ensure you will arrive at each location along your pre-decided route and stay in the very best hotels or guest houses that town or village has to offer. We have been working with accommodations along the Camino for 10 years now so have built up a strong and respectful working relationship.

We give you all the material you need to complete your pilgrimage in comfort like:

  • Maps
  • Packing lists
  • Pilgrim passport
  • Scallop shell 
  • Walking notes 
  • Training Programme

However, you won’t have a dedicated guide to lead you.  This option appeals to pilgrims who want more solitude or independence, or when the dates of the guided groups are not convenient.  There is also more flexibility going self-guided as we can tailor-make aspects of the Camino for you.

We also give you our 24/7 emergency care and support.  We offer our customers our helpline number that you may call at any time for help, guidance or advice.

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