Camino Finisterre

From Santiago de Compostela to the End of the World

Located in the westernmost part of Galicia is Cape Finisterre. Overlooking the rough waters of the Atlantic, it is easy to see why this was once considered the end of the world.

Pilgrims of the past have been known to throw their shoes into the sea here to symbolise their new beginning after finishing the Camino. The Camino Finisterre can include both the towns of Fisterra and Muxía. These towns both have a rich history and beautiful legends.

The Sanctuary of Nosa Senora da Barca outside Muxía, for example, is believed to be the vestiges of the stone boat that the Virgin Mary sailed on to visit St James and encourage him on his preachings.

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El Camino de Santaigo llega a su fin en la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela. Sin embargo, muchos de los peregrinos deciden extender su viaje a la "Costa da Morte". El Camino pasa por pueblos remotos y montañosos y termina en los acantilados del punto más occidental de España. Hermosos paisajes y leyendas e historia sorprendentes complementarán su caminata.

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