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Le Puy Camino - Via Podiensis


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Starting in Auvergne, famous for its green, dormant volcanoes, the Camino runs through green yet rocky, undulating landscapes. This leg may even seem to be more inhabited by grazing sheep and cattle than by man if it was not for its numerous medieval chapels, churches, towers and well-preserved towns that modern pilgrims encounter every day. 

On our 2nd section of Via Podiensis, the Camino runs between Aumont-Aubrac and Conques. The area the Camino crosses is almost legendary on Via Podiensis or Le Puy Route as it goes through the austere high Aubrac plateau, an isolated landscape, home to green and dormant volcanoes. The second half of the walking holiday enters the livelier Lot valley. 

From Conques to Cahors, this 3rd section links two of the prettiest cities of the whole Le Puy Route. Leaving the cobbled streets of Conques, the Camino runs through the gentle hills of the Aveyron region before continuing into Le Lot. Walking along wall-lined tracks on high plateaux, drinking coffee on shaded terraces in peaceful villages, sightseeing UNESCO World Heritage sites, this is part of the daily experiences one can enjoy during this walking holiday.

On this 4th section of Le Puy Route, the Camino goes from beautiful Cahors to charming Lectoure and crosses both the Lot and Garonne Valleys. The green rounded hills of the area, added to a rich historical heritage, make this leg of the Camino a beautiful walking holiday for anybody seeking both natural and cultural sites. And with numerous medieval buildings at almost every stopover, the region has plenty to offer to modern pilgrims!

From Lectoure to Aire-sur-l’Adour, the 5th section of Via Podiensis brings us deep into lands of tradition and undulating cultivated landscapes. Here, the Camino starts in Le Gers département, both home to foie gras and to vineyards producing the famous Armagnac brandy. Approaching Aire-sur-l’Adour, the landscape gradually changes into crop fields and pinewoods as we enter Les Landes area. Architectural heritage and history are also part of the journey, almost everywhere along the Camino!

From Aire-sur-l’Adour to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the 6th and final section of Via Podiensis will surely bewitch you. It starts in Les Landes and hikers quickly enter the French Basque Country. Charming French villages, beautiful forests, great scenic views, history: this section combines it all as you get closer to the Pyrenees, never far ahead in the distance. Finally, you reach their foothills in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, both the end of Via Podiensis and the beginning of the Camino Frances, to Santiago.

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