Best Value-Added Guarantee

Before you choose a planner based solely on price, take a closer look at what you’re really getting. We offer unbeatable value!

Our quotes include everything you need for an exceptional Camino, from accommodations to breakfasts / dinners / reliable luggage transfers / 24 hour assistance line.

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Don’t be deceived by seemingly lower prices – make sure you’re comparing it right. We guarantee that our packages offer the best value for your money, so choose a provider that prioritizes your peace of mind and delivers an unparalleled Camino journey.

We firmly believe in fair trade principles, which extend to our relationships with suppliers. Unlike some booking platforms, that impose unrealistic commissions, we prioritize a sustainable partnership approach that empowers small businesses to thrive and GROW in an equitable and supportive environment.

What do Our Quotes Include?

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Accommodations from hostels to 5 star hotels
  • Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel
  • Our Holiday or Pilgrim Pack
  • Travel & Transfers Advice
  • Online Pre-Departure Briefing
  • Luggage Tag
  • 24/7 Customer Service


  • Premium Accommodation
  • Additional Nights
  • Rest Days
  • Dinners
  • Day Tours Available
  • Bicycle and Cycling Equipment Hire
  • Airport Transfers

What Extra Value do We Offer?

Follow the Camino logo in blueOther Companies
ExpertiseSince 2007 - 1st Camino Operators.
We have served the maximum Camino Pilgrims from all over the world for years.
Most started their businesses in the last decade.
Transparency in terms of Pricing and OfferingsNo hidden costs.
Transparent in terms of Offerings, Price, and Features.
Basic prices, but request to fill out a long form for complementary information.
Sustainability InitiativesProjects and Initiatives to Support Sustainability:
• A vegetarian meal per Camino
• Carbon Offsetting
• Donating €10 per month per employee to the World Food Program.
Generic mention of Sustainability on their website, without going any specific commitment.
Features AvailableCustomization
• Holiday Package
• Vouchers
• Walking Notes & Maps
• FTC Mobile App
• Add-on Services
• Special Requests for Special Occasions
Camino related Information ProvidedPost Weekly.
Offer in-depth Blog articles about local knowledge, history, food, and drinks.
Not as much in depth information.
Might post every once in a while or only short blog posts.
Free Camino Training WalksThe amounts raised goes towards Charities so both clients and charities benefit from it.
Online Pre-Departure BriefingBi-Weekly 30' sessions with customers who are going to depart in the coming weeks.N/A
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Up to 4 stars Google Reviews

How Can I Start?

Talk to real people who are expert advisors on the Camino!

We are a very approachable company and would love to have a chat with you. This way we’ll best understand your needs, enabling us to provide tailored solutions through our package offerings.

Ask for a quote, for free! Go in-depth and research the perfect Camino for you. We are confident in our value and our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves.

Feel free to ask us any and every question you might have. We can plan the trip of a lifetime for you!

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