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Jul 27     ·     Gail

Celebrating the Feast of St James


On July the 24th, many pilgrims joined Follow the Camino team to celebrate the feast of St James in Follow the Camino’s office.

At 11am St James and Galician musicians arrived on Grafton Street. While St James greeted the public, inviting people to join us for the feast. Musicians played traditional Galician music for the public. They were fantastic and a lot of passers-by enjoyed the atmosphere on Grafton Street and Suffolk Street.

At 12 noon, there were Spanish lessons for anyone considering a Camino trip. We did vocabulary in the Camino, what to bring/que llevar. Basic phrases in Spanish for accommodation, conversation & essentials, directions, signs, emergencies, numbers, services, times and dates and transport. We practiced the vocabulary and phrases.

At 1.30pm, people attended a tasting of many delicious Spanish dishes such as olives, Spanish omelette, tuna vegetable puff pie (empanada gallega) and Pimientos de Padron.

After the feast Galician music was played and St James read out the Conxuro da Queimada. Then everyone enjoyed the drink, Queimada. To learn more about, Queimada check out our blog here.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate the feast of St James. We hope you enjoyed the experience. Check out some pictures of the day

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