Our Team

Umberto di Venosa CEO of company

Umberto di Venosa


Sustainability Advisor and Assistant to the CEO

Lihue Tula

Sustainability Advisor & Assistant to the CEO


Silvia follow the camino employee

Silvia Montesdeoca

Sales & Operations Director

Alejandro follow the camino employee

Alejandro Casabiel

Sales and Business Development Team Leader

Eva follow the camino employee

Eva Pla-Fabregas

Camino Planner

Clara Follow the camino employee

Clara Rivas

Camino Planner

Nadia Valcarce

Camino Planner

Camino Specialist Jade Buchaudon

Jade Buchaudon

Camino Specialist

Camino Specialist

Fernanda Ogbugo

Camino Specialist


Dolores Chotsourian


Francisco Alzaga

Camino Specialist

Sales Specialist

Macarena Corriale

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist

Daniela Ansede

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist

Larissa Bordinhao

Sales Specialist


marketing manager andre pelixo

André Pelixo

Marketing Manager

marketing executive tanya agarwal

Tanya Agarwal

Marketing Executive

Tania Follow the Camino employee

Tania Ramonde

Social Media Manager

Ciaran Follow the Camino employee

Ciarán Bruder

Marketing Communications Specialist

Reservations & Operations

Reservations Operations and Products Team Leader

Angie Moreira

Reservations, Operations and Products Team Leader

Aimará Pozzerle

Reservations, Operations & Products Agent

Carola De Filippi

Reservations & Operations Agent

Maria follow the camino employee

Maria Dunne

Holiday Pack Team

Reservations and Operations Agent 

Sol Maragliano

Reservations & Operations Agent


Carmen Follow the Camino employee

Carmen Gomez-Cardenas

Project Manager

Ana Follow the Camino employee

Ana Velez Rueda

Data Analyst

Paul follow the camino employee

Paul Pelayo


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