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Camino dos Faros


camino dos faros - view out the sea

This Camino explores the coastline A Costa de Morta of Galicia.  Stretching 200kms from Malpica to Cape Finisterre.  Discover the rugged beauty of this coastline and its many lighthouses that protect the busy shipping lane that passes nearby out to sea. We are the only  Irish operator working directly with the Association of Camino dos Faros.


Camino dos Faros Map
Fisterra - Muxia Way Day 1Malpica
You will be booked into a hotel to relax before your journey along the coast begins.

Fisterra - Muxia Way Day 2From Malpica to Ninóns (23km, 5h45)
Leaving the lighthouse in the port of Malpica you will come to the first cliffs of the Camino dos Faros as you make your way to Beo. Crossing a river (boots off!) then continuing along the beach you will then follow a stream to the lighthouse Punta Nariga. Descending from here you arrive in your stop for the night Ninóns.

Fisterra - Muxia Way Day 3From – Ninóns to Ponteceso (26km, 6h30)
Following the coast to the Port of Santa Marina you will then start a demanding ascent to reach Virxe do Faro and some breathtaking views. Descending you will pass close to a windfarm, before reaching the village of O Roncudo and then descending to the lighthouse of Roncudo.  A pleasant mixture of beach and forests take you to a boardwalk to enter Ponteceso.

Fisterra - Muxia Way Day 4From Ponteceso to Laxe (26km, 6h30)
Although today starts on a road, you are soon in pine groves, then on the beach before walking along the estuary of the River Anllóns.  From As Grelas you then move inland passing some amazing archaeological pieces before returning to the coast. Ascending to the highpoint of today, Castle of Lourido, you will descend to pass by more pine forest and eucalyptus trees to Rebordelo beach.  Your final stretch for today take you along the beach and promenade to the village of Laxe.

Fisterra - Muxia Way Day 5 Laxe to Arou (18km, 4h30)
The start of today takes you out to the lighthouse where you have an amazing view of the estuary. Then passing the ‘A Furna de la Espuma’ and ‘La Playa de los Cristales’ you will come to the Rock of Soesto.  Continuing then on beaches you will come to another unique landscape on the Camino dos Faros of rocks and stones of all shapes and sizes. Passing ports and beaches and finally taking a small coastal path you will arrive in Arou.

Fisterra - Muxia Way Day 6 Arou to Camarinas (23km, 5h45)

Today’s walk takes you along the most treacherous stretch of this coastline where many ships have been wrecked.  The walk however will not wreck you too much! Heading out to the Loberias viewpoint is a great start to the walk.  Continuing then across gorse bushes where small coves are full of ball shaped stones will take you to the port of Santa Marina. Ascending the dune more breathtaking views await at the top.  This is also the halfway point of the Camino dos Faros. Descending down to cross small coves and beaches you will then ascend again to Mount Pedroso and the lighthouse of Vilán.  From here one final stretch of the coast take you to the fishing port of Camarinas.

Day 7 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route  Camarinas to Muxía (32km, 8h)
This is the longest day on this route and today you get a change of scenery as you move inland. A mixture of walking on roads, beaches and through forests will distract you from the distance you are travelling as well as passing by the lighthouse of Lago, as well as rehabilitated mills on the river Negro. Crossing Os Muínos beach you will take a steep hill to Chorente, then passing through the forest you will get your first sight of Muxia, and where you will arrive after crossing two more beaches. In Muxia be sure to visit the Church Santa Maria, go up to the summit of Mount Corpino where you can appreciate magnificent views from its bell tower and if the weather is good head out to la Punta da Barca to enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets on the Costa da Morte.

Day 8 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Muxía to Nemina  (24km 6h00)
Leaving Muxía you will cross Lourido beach before ascending Mount Cachelmo where you will be welcomed by panoramic views. A number of descents to beaches and ascents to mounts, each with equally amazing views takes you to the lighthouse of Tourinán, the western most point of the Camino dos Faros. Leaving this peninsula and pasing through the village of Talón you will arrive in the beach of Nemina.

Day 9 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Nemina to Finisterre (26km 6h30)
Setting out on your final day you will start crossing the beach of Nemina, arriving at the estuary of the Lires follow the river upstream to cross this by a bridge to walk through the village of Lires to arrive at the beach.  From here you will ascend to a cliff top walk, then down to the beach of Rostro before back up again to the cliff tops.  Moving inland briefly through villages you will come back to coast and beach of Arnela.  From here you will ascend to the antennas of Cape Nave then the final part descending to the beach of Faro then a final ascent to the end goal,the lighthouse of Finisterre. A short walk after this will take you to the town of Fisterre where you will spend your last night.

Day 10 on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route Fisterre, End of Camino dos Faros
After breakfast we bid you farewell.



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Fly In

Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela airport with Aerlingus, Ryanair and Iberia/BA (can book return flights).

Starting Point

There is a regular shuttle bus from the airport to the city centre which takes 45mins. From the city centre you can get a bus to Malpica, it goes twice daily. Transporte de Galicia

Getting Home

Santiago de Compostela
There is a direct bus from Finisterre town to Santiago de Compostela (3h).
– Mon to Fri: 8:20, 11:45, 14:45, 16:45, 19:00
– Sat: 8:20, 11:45, 13:30, 16:45, 19:00
– Sun: 11:45, 16:45, 19:00

Then you can catch the regular shuttle bus from Santiago city centre to Santiago Airport, takes 45mins.


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  • Grade: Camino Difficulty Rating image 
  • Distance: 200 km
  • Duration: 10 Days Camino Trip Legend 1
  • Trip style: Self GuidedCamino Trip Legend 2
  • Price from: 710 EURCamino Trip Legend 3
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