Bask In The Joy Of Gifting Experiences!

Given the day and age we are currently living in, we’re constantly surrounded by stress and anxiety. The constant search for ‘finding ourselves’ builds a need to keep disconnecting with the world and escaping into paradise. Gifting experiences this holiday season through our limited Black Friday deals is the ideal way to disconnect with the world – on a budget!

There is a varied list of reasons why the Camino de Santiago is the perfect ‘self-discovery’ experience, but for the occasion of Black Friday, we’re trying to talk about why gifting experiences is much better than gifting materialistic items.

Don’t buy more things you don’t need – buy yourself a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

While it is fair to assume that people’s preferences and likes play a huge role in determining the actuality of the gift. It is undeniable that gifting an experience brings more gratification and connection to the person receiving the gift. Why is that?


The joy brought to us by materialistic goods is short-lived and eventually fades away. However, experiences are eternal. We tend to look back at our fondest experiences year after year, remember them, and smile.

Create Conversation

When talking with other people, human nature leans towards us talking about our experiences rather than materialistic goods. This also goes to show, subconsciously, we value experiences over all else.

Build up

While it is true, in the moment, materialistic gifts do bring us joy, experiences have a build-up to them. When we gift experiences they give pleasure in advance. The person receiving the gift is already having a good time knowing that they are going on this experience. And once it’s over, they have memories of a lifetime.

Break the routine

Gifting experiences is a great way to break the routine and let the receiver experience something beyond their daily schedule.

Strengthen bonds

Gifting an experience rather than a materialistic present goes to show that you have put actual time and thought into the present. The joy and happiness it brings the receiver is just one part of it. They begin to realize that you genuinely care about them and this strengthens the bond you both share.

If any of the reasons above appeal to you, then now is the perfect time for you to take advantage of our Black Friday deal and gift your loved one the life-changing Camino experience. Gift Experiences!

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