Camino Talks with Terry Wilson from Camino Skies

Terry Wilson talks about the Camino on Camino Talks

Camino Skies is a heartwarming story of loss and overcoming challenges. We talked to one of the stars of the documentary, Terry Wilson, about his personal journey on the Camino de Santiago. Terry has walked the Camino three times, to deal with depression, faith, loss, and life changes.

The first time Terry walked the Camino it was a personal journey. He walked the Camino Frances to process the loss of his granddaughter, Maddy, who had passed away from Cystic Fibrosis. He raised funds through his walk for the cause.

The second Camino was as part of the film “Camino Skies”. Six strangers from New Zealand and Australia walked the French Way and their journey was filmed – unscripted. Camino Skies is available to watch online.

His third trip on the Camino de Santiago was with his eldest daughter, who also felt the need to take an inner journey.

After these three walks, Terry wrote a book about his experiences, which was published in early 2020. You can find Terry’s book, “God’s Cocaine: The Addiction of the Camino“, on as an e-book or paperback.

What’s in this video?
0:40 – Why did you choose to walk the Camino three times?
07:30 – Which route did you walk?
10:00 – Injuries and how hard it is to walk the Camino
14:20 – Walking the Camino to deal with life changes and loss
20:00 – The Addiction of the Camino
21:00 – Friends on the Camino and joining the Camino family
22:45 – How the Camino helps you through tough times and Coronavirus (COVID-19)
27:43 – God’s Cocaine and Camino Skies

We hope you enjoy watching this Camino Talks interview with Terry Wilson. You can see all our Camino Talks interviews on YouTube, and read more written pieces on our blog.


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