Kids on the Camino Animal Spotting

Kids on the Camino – Animal Spotting!

When you are walking the Camino de Santiago with kids there is plenty to see to keep them busy along the walk, like wildlife and farm animals

The Camino de Santiago is a collection of “Ways” or paths to Santiago de Compostella, each of which has unique biodiversity and scenery. The most popular route is the Camino Frances which has plenty of animals along it. The Camino Portugues offers a different area with more seaside animals and birds for your children to see.

Trying to keeping a list of the animals you see each day is always fun, especially if you see one of the rare wild animals!

Children love spotting animals along the way and there is so much to see! Depending on the season your child might even see massive migrations of birds and other wildlife. In the early morning and evening, you are more likely to see some of the more shy animals that are scared away by the people on the trails.

On the Camino, you might see wildlife like –

wildlife like squirrels are common on the Camino
  • Wild boars
  • snakes
  • deer
  • weasels
  • squirrels
  • owls
  • shrews
  • hawks
  • eagles
  • wolves (very rare)
  • hares
  • rabbits
  • lizards
  • storks
  • quails
  • vultures
  • and partridges!

You are very unlikely to see any dangerous animals because they usually stay far away from people, but if you do see any snakes or wolves, try to give them plenty of space.

You might also see some smaller Camino animals if you look in the grass and bushes next to the path. For example –

  • Caterpillars
  • big yellow slugs
  • beetles
  • snails
  • and butterflies.

When you walk over streams and past ponds have a look for aquatic life:

  • Trout
  • other fish
  • tadpoles and frogs
  • water bugs
  • and water birds.

Not-so-wild life

You are pretty much guaranteed to see some farm animals and pets on your walking holiday, too. They may be less exotic, but they are often more friendly so your children can get a bit closer. 

You are likely to see cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, chickens, cats, dogs (some of them are even walking the Camino themselves!), pigs, and even ostriches!

There are some interesting plants too!

chamomile grows along the camino
Chamomile grows wild and makes a nice tea.

While you are walking you will also see some lovely plants along the path, some of them smell lovely! Look out for wild thyme, calendula, fennel, and chamomile to rub between your hands and give them a sniff. 

Keep an eye out for pretty flowers and interesting leaves as well. You might even find some fruit growing wild! Blackberries, apples, figs, oranges, and grapes can sometimes be found among the bushes beside the path.

We hope you have a lovely time walking the Camino and exploring the wildlife with your kids! 

Walk the Portugues Way with Your Kids!

Play on the beach, explore the forrests, and splash around in swimming pools.

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