Preparing the Camino Luggage transfer weights limits

Camino de Santiago Luggage Limits: What You Should Know

If you’re planning on walking the Camino de Santiago, you may be wondering what the luggage allowance is for luggage transfers between accommodations. This is an important question to consider, as you want to make sure you’re not carrying too much weight on your journey.

As part of our package, we provide luggage transfers between each of your accommodation. So you can walk light with your basic necessities in your backpack!

How do luggage transfers work?

Your luggage will be waiting for you upon arrival at the reception of your next hotel. In the morning, before you begin your walk, simply leave your tagged luggage at the hotel reception. Our transporter will come and collect it during the morning.

  • Luggage must be left at reception by 8am every morning.
  • To ensure that your luggage is properly identified and handled, please use the luggage tags provided in your holiday pack. Please, write your trip reference and the group leader’s name (if applicable) so our luggage handler can identify your luggage straight away.
  • Your luggage will typically be delivered by 3pm at every accommodation, however this time may differ during high season (May and September)

If you have purchased the luggage service as part of your holiday with us, please note that this includes the transfer of 1 piece of luggage per person. The maximum weight is 15kg in Spain and 13kg in France.

We remind you that any accessory attached to the luggage: toiletry bags, bags, shoes, water bottle, walking sticks, umbrellas… will be grouped together as an extra piece of luggage and will be checked in as such – €10/per day. Please refer to the image below for more information on how to correctly pack your luggage:

Extra Luggage Requirements

You can purchase extra luggages to be transported at additional cost, please contact your sales representative before your trip for details. 

If you have extra luggage you do not need every day as your trip with us is part of a longer holiday, we recommend sending the spare luggage to Santiago so that you can retrieve it when you get there. Please ask your sales representative for details and cost.

It’s also important to pack your bag wisely to make the most of your allotted weight. Consider packing lightweight clothing and minimizing the number of shoes you bring. You can refer to our ultimate packing list blog to find all that you may need for your Camino journey. You may also want to invest in lightweight and compact travel gear, such as a travel towel.

Overall, while the luggage allowance on the Camino de Santiago may be limited, it’s important to remember that this is for the safety and convenience of all travelers. By packing smart and adhering to weight limits, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable journey along the Camino de Santiago.

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