Start your day with Purposeful Intention by Melissa Carter

Meditation on the Camino

Purposeful Intention Meditation Script

Good morning beautiful one.

Welcome to a new moment, a new day, a new opportunity to shine from within.

As you beging to settle in for today’s meditaiton, know a head of you is a new opportunity to connect in meaning, in power, in love and in truth.

Choose your soul’s purpose and your heart’s passion, may they be devine.

Begin to get comfortable, softening your shoulders, softly closing your eyes, relaxing in and letting go.

Allow for just the next few moments to let the steady stillness of your heart and quiet wisdom of your higher self hold you in love.

Go a head and take a deep inhale for a count of 5 and then exhale for a count of 6.

Inhale a bit deeper this time for a count of 5 and on your exhale, slowing down for a count of 6.

Each breath softer, deeper, further relaxing and letting go.

As you beging your next inhale, invision your breath warmly and brightly spreading and flowing throughout  the parts of you that still might feel a little sleepy, a little tight or a little low and as you begin toexhale invision the breath completely leaving the body.

Letting go of anything not serving you, creating more space for more light and more love.

Continue on for a  few more breaths on your own.

Allowing your breath to find it’s natural rythm soften your shoulders further, soften your face, relax your jaw feeling the liquid relaxtion seep in to all parts of you.

We’re now going to set your intention for the day from within taking a deep breath trough your heart’s centre and your exhale the same way, ask your inner wisdom what intention do I need today to allow me to connect powerfully, to lead gracefully and love fully.

What do I need to know and as you exhale, fell the answer settle in.

Continue on your own now, hearing the truth of your heart ignite the wisdom intuition can bring.

As we begin to end your meditation feel the weight of your body in your seat, holding you, grounding you right where you should be.

Trusting all the answers you may be seeking are already within you, ready to walk right along side you on your journey.

Begin to move your writsts and ankles, deeping your breath, feeling the space around you, the ground underneath you, taking a moment to offer gratitude for the opportunity of stillness and self care.

Thanking your body, thanking your mind, thanking your heart.

Thank you for showing up for you today.  I hope you enjoyed your meditation. You’re welcome back here at any time.  Remember, everything you need to ignite a life you love is already within you.

May you lead from here and may you shine always.


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