Couch to Camino with Andrea Smith and Frances Black for RISE Foundation

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Irish singer/songwriter Frances Black and journalist Andrea Smith are raising funds for the RISE Foundation by walking the Camino de Santiago in October.  

Frances Black set up “The RISE Foundation” in order to focus on family members of those with addictive behaviour (alcohol, drugs, gambling, food or sex addiction). Frances and her team are dedicated to working towards helping family members to free themselves from the stress, anxiety, and worry of having a loved one with addictive behaviour. They also look to understand the nature of addiction and the profound effects it has on relationships.  

Follow the Camino guided The RISE foundation on the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route last year which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved.  

Rise foundation Camino Video   

This October, Frances, Andrea and a group of at least 30 others will tackle the Finisterre / Muxia Way of the Camino.This is the third year that Follow the Camino founder Umberto di Venosa will be guiding the group along the Way.


Andrea Smith is writing a weekly article for The Irish Independent about her preparations for the Camino. If you want to follow her progress you the links are below.

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