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Experience the Sea, Surf, and Turf on the Camino Portugues Coastal Route!

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route may not be the most traditional route, but it’s one that’s been growing in popularity among modern pilgrims. Back in Medieval times, many pilgrims arrived to mainland Europe by boat and would then walk to Santiago de Compostela and the resting place of St James. This is the reason so many of the various Camino routes include coastal sections before moving inland, as this is where countless boats landed centuries ago.

For nature enthusiasts and pilgrims who want to experience the Camino in a different way, there’s an approved but little-known route following the coast called the Camino Surf and Turf. This Camino should appeal to pilgrims with a pioneering spirit in search of more solitude, and is available as both a walking and cycling trip.

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route starts in the Portuguese fishing port of Viana do Castelo in the Minho province. Viana do Castelo is renowned for its captivating architecture, and south of the town across the Limia is the vast and sandy Cabedelo beach and dunes. Heading north on this walk you’ll follow boardwalks and coastal footpaths with plenty of opportunities to stop and swim on some of the nicest beaches in Europe. Check out the Cias Islands, Playa Americanos, and charming Baiona. From Pontevedra onwards, you’ll turn inland, trekking intermittently through forests whilst progressing gently uphill to reach your final destination – Santiago de Compostela!

This route can also be cycled from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. Cyclists can easily navigate it, and on a number of days you’re travelling on dedicated cycle paths hugging Portugal’s coast. In Spain, the route doesn’t have any dedicated cycling paths so you need to follow waymarked paths where possible or public roads.

Follow the Camino has been creating manageable sections along the Camino routes since 2006. The Surf and Turf Coastal Route can be completed over seven to ten days or you can cycle from Porto to Santiago de Compostela in one week. Each night you’ll stay in carefully selected and regularly assessed family-owned hotels, genuine casa rurales, and great pensiones, many serving the freshest local delicacies and a bustling social and cultural scene!

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We are in our 60s and there were some challenges on the Surf & Turf Portuguese Coast Route, but nothing really too difficult. Wonderful experience! Very scenic and beautiful section of the Camino with good signage. Mucho bueno vistas, lovely beaches and mountains…charming small towns, churches and cafes…me gusto mucho. Thanks again and buen camino!
Michael & Mary, USA


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