Give it all with Camino Challenge

Give it all with Camino Challenge

Completing the Camino as a cycling holiday is getting increasingly popular of late. However, traditionally whether traveling on foot, by boat or horseback, the ultimate challenge for pilgrims was simply reaching Santiago de Compostela and the tomb of the Apostle Saint James.  Never mind having to turn around and return the way they came!

Today the Camino is increasingly popular as both a walking and cycling holiday for people of all ages and fitness levels.  We at Follow the Camino have assisted with making this remarkable pilgrimage more accessible by splitting the routes into manageable sections of 6 – 7 days on average and carefully selecting truly local accommodation such as casa rurales, pensiones and family run hotels, where you can enjoy not only the local cultural and social scene but the freshest local food and drinks!

But for some this is not enough and with the increasing popularity of endurance challenges such as Iron Men contests and Tough Mudder challenges, we at Follow the Camino have created a new way to complete the Camino as a cycling holiday: The Camino Challenge!  Designed for those who wish to experience the Camino in a very competitive and sporty way.

Only accessible for sports enthusiasts, well trained walkers or cyclists, this Camino Challenge is for people who want to test their endurance and surpass themselves as well as re-engage with life, proving they are Camino-worthy!

Over 8 days cycling you will cover 714km from Pamplona, with its backdrop of the Pyrenees, down through the northern expansive plains of Spain before climbing O’Cebreiro and continuing through the Galician mountains to reach Santiago de Compostela.  This is not a challenge for the faint hearted and will require training that will enable you to take on the endurance of long days of undulating landscapes as well as flat terrain with little to no shade.

Are you up for this Cycle Challenge, Camino style?

Give it all with Camino Challenge


“Accepted the invitation, took up the challenge, discovered enthusiasm became blessed with joyful anticipation, found ourselves reconnected to humanity. Thank you for this experience, like many of our new friends, we?ll be back next year.”
Vicki, Galway, Ireland

“A great way to challenge yourself.”
Tony, Ireland


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