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Give it all with Camino Challenge

Give it your ALL on the Camino Cycling Challenge!

For some, simply cycling the Camino de Santiago at a normal pace is not enough. Intense endurance challenges such as Iron Men contests and Tough Mudder challenges increasingly popularity, so we designed our own version:

The Camino Challenge.

The Camino Challenge is for sports enthusiasts and super-fit endurance walkers or cyclists. Test your cycling endurance, re-engage with life, and surge towards your goals.

Over 8 days of cycling you will cover a massive 714km. Starting from Pamplona, with its backdrop of the Pyrenees, you will peddle down through the northern expansive plains of Spain. Then comes the biggest challenge – climbing O’Cebreiro and continuing through the Galician mountains. You end goal is Santiago de Compostela.  

This is not a cycling holiday for the faint-hearted. It will require extensive endurance training for long days of undulating landscapes as well as flat terrain with little to no shade.

See what you are made of.

Are you up for it?

Tackle the Camino Challenge.

Camino Vuelta - Cycling 714 Km Package

Are you up for the Camino Challenge? Follow the Camino is innovating once more, designing and offering a Camino with a twist. For centuries, reaching Santiago de Compostela where the remains of the Apostle Saint James are buried, was the ultimate challenge for all pilgrims. Today, thousands of pilgrims are walking or cycling the Camino in a more gentle way as we made it more accessible and approachable. But what if... we created the ultimate Challenge for you?

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