Camino Walk With Kids

walk the Camino with KidsSpending quality time with your kids is a precious experience. What better place to spend hours together learning about each other than the Camino, which is a magnet for adventure.  Kids get to explore a new country and culture, while parents get to witness their kids grow in confidence and knowing after a long day of activities they will sleep well that night!

Walking the Camino with your kids is a great family adventure, where you don’t have to worry about providing entertainment for your kids for every moment of the day.  Think of this as an adventurous beach holiday.  Enjoy walks discovering new surroundings, plants, animals and people, with time also to relax and play in a pool or on the beach.

The Camino is already a big adventure for many adults, just imagine how big an adventure this will be for children.  Many kids nowadays don’t get uninterrupted time out doors playing and experiencing nature, on the Camino they will.  Most of your time will be outdoors in the fresh air, with around every corner there is the possibility of a new discovery or adventure.  On the coast explore rock pools, looking for starfish, crabs and other sea creatures.  Search the beaches for the best scallop shell or even mould a giant scallop shell out of the sand.  Passing through towns and cafe’s think of the fun kids will have stamping their passports to document their travels, maybe even stamping yours for you too! Getting a treat of an ice cream or ice lolly that they wouldn’t get at home.  Walking through forests get them to keep an eye out for animals and birds or when passing streams and rivers to spot fish in water.

With all this excitement to look forward too you may want to bring the grandparents or cousins to join in the fun and be a part of memories that will stay with them and you forever.  So are you ready for a family adventure on the Camino?


Before we went on the Camino, my son was so shy and it was a struggle to get more than a couple of words out of him. However, spending quality time together on the Camino really helped him open up and boosted his confidence in speaking, so much so it was a struggle some days to get him to stop!  As a father this is something that will stay with me forever as it created a really unique bond between us that will hopefully get stronger as the years go on!
Umberto, Ireland


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