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Camino Walk With Kids

Spending quality time with your kids is a precious experience. What better place to spend hours together talking and learning about each other than the Camino?

Kids get to explore a new country and culture, while parents get to witness their kids grow in confidence and knowing after a long day of activities they will sleep well that night!

Walking the Camino with your kids is a great family adventure. Discover new surroundings, plants, animals, and people, with time also to relax and play in a pool or on the beach afterward. Boat on the Portuguese way

Many kids nowadays don’t get uninterrupted time outdoors playing and experiencing nature, but on the Camino, they will!

On the coast explore rock pools, looking for starfish, crabs and other sea creatures.
Passing through towns and cafe’s your kids will love stamping their pilgrim passports to document their travels. Keep an eye out for animals and birds as you walk through forests, and for frogs and fish in the streams.

With all this excitement to look forward to, you might want to bring their grandparents or cousins to join in the fun!

Create precious family memories that will stay with you all forever.

Walking with kids on the portuguese camino

So are you ready for a family adventure on the Camino?


Following the coast around to the Vigo estuary on this section you will get the opportunity to stay in the beautiful coastal cities of Baiona and Vigo before re-joining the traditional Camino Portuguese from Redondela to Santiago de Compostela. With a mixture of beaches, forests and towns there will be much to distract your kids from the walking! If you would like to spend a few extra days in Santiago after this trip ask us about our Apartment option

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