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7 thoughts locals have on the Camino

Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world walk the Camino de Santiago every year. Each of them has their own story and of course – their own reason to walk the Camino!

Whatever that might be, they all have one thing in common: they get in touch with Galician people! Have you ever thought about what they think about the Camino?

As a Galician myself, I’ve actually given this a few thoughts and have spoken about this topic with several family members, friends, and acquaintances. Today I want to share with you some thoughts we all have about the Camino – and about pilgrims!

1. The Camino sounds exciting – but we’ll probably never walk it.

That’s true: as much as Galician love the Camino, we are not very likely to walk it! The truth is we want to spend our holiday discovering new places, so we might talk about it… but we’ll keep pushing it to the future.

2. We’ve all been to the Cathedral

Most of us have visited the Cathedral at least once, and a lot of us actually went as children with our schools!

the cathedral in santiago

3. We love helping pilgrims!

We are welcoming and generous people and will definitely enjoy getting to know pilgrims and helping them as we can. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need!

4. We miss Pelegrin, the iconic Camino mascot

The Holy Year in 1993 symbolizes a new beginning of the Camino, but us Galician remember it as the year that brought us Pelegrin. And it became the icon of the Camino forever since. We love it!

5. Every year we host a friend who is walking the Camino

… and most of the time they want to meet for lunch!

6. Xacobeo = international concerts!

During the Holy Year Santiago becomes the cultural center of Galicia and receives international bands. We are always excited to discover who will visit Galicia!

7. We are always surprised to learn the Camino is so far away!

We are impressed every time we learn that someone has walked from that far away to reach Santiago. We think it’s so cool!

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