Camino Talks with John Brierley – Why we need to slow down

Written by Caitlin

Author John Brierley discusses why we need to take time to slow down and how the Camino can help us to do that.

Listen to his insights from his own journeys on the Camino and what he has learned about giving yourself time to take a break and think.

John Brierley started his Camino journey in 1989 when he gave up his day job to travel, and walked the Camino de Santiago. He has walked the famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela on foot many times and has since written several best selling guide books about the different Camino de Santiago routes.

These guides focus on the French Way, The Portuguese Way, The English Way and the Camino Finisterre. His guide books are not just instructions for walking the trails, but also an excellent companion to your mental and spiritual journey on the Camino.

In this video Umberto and John discuss what slowing down means, how walking the Camino helps you to slow down, and making time for yourself in daily life.

John then answers some questions from our audience that we gathered through our Facebook page. John explains why he hasn’t yet written a guide for The Camino del Norte and what the pros and cons are of walking the Camino Primitivo and more remote routes. Finally, they discuss protecting the trail and the environment along the Camino, and giving back to the Camino de Santiago.

This video with John Brierley is one of a series of interviews we have done with him. You can read and watch more here:

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You can also have a look at our YouTube channel for more videos, and our Camino Talks blog page for more articles.

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Camino Talks is a collection of interviews about the famous Camino de Santiago. We talk to the people that make it so special and share their stories with you. By Follow the Camino
4th June 2020

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