Follow the Camino joins the EU Commission Sustainable Consumption Pledge

Silvia Montedesco, Sales & Operations Director at Follow the Camino, with other delegates at the EU Commission Sustainable Consumption Pledge.

Follow the Camino has signed the EU Commission Sustainable Consumption Pledge at a ceremony organised in cooperation with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU in Brussels. 

They are now part of a network of forward-thinking companies including Capgemini, Decathlon, and Phillips, which have taken a voluntary pledge to support more sustainable consumption. This is as part of the EU’s New Consumer Agenda. The EU Commission Sustainable Consumption Pledge commits companies to reducing their carbon and environmental footprint. It also encourages companies to increase circularity in operations and respect social sustainability across the supply chain.

Follow the Camino’s commitment to sustainability

Silvia Montedesco, Sales & Operations Director at Follow the Camino, said, “our way of travelling is centred on creating shared value for tourists and locals. We want to extend that concept by empowering customers to work with us on making their trips more sustainable.”

“The global tourism market is estimated to contribute approximately 8% of all global carbon emissions. Advocating for sustainability is key to lowering this number. We believe that through more informed decision making, customers will make greener choices – not only about where but also how they travel.”

When asked how Follow the Camino plans to advocate for sustainability, Silvia added, “First, we are evolving our culture to ensure employees champion sustainability. Second, we are teaching potential customers eco-friendly travel through monthly hiking activities. Third, we are prioritising partnerships with suppliers committed to greener work practices.”

“We know that more than half of European consumers think protecting the environment is very important. We also know they are willing to choose sustainable alternatives when they travel.  Working together, we can close the ‘green gap’ and turn good intentions into real actions.”

Follow the Camino, as a B-Corp Certified company, is open to suggestions on how we can be a more sustainable tour operator. Please fill this quick survey with your thoughts.



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