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Where to Fly into for Your Camino Portuguese – Inland or Coastal Route

People fly to the Camino Portuguese from all over the world and many of us arrive by air. There are a number of airports all over Spain and Portugal that you can fly into which will be close to the beginning of each route or stage that you walk.

Here are some of the most popular places where to fly into to start your Camino Portuguese and Camino Portuguese Coastal Route!

How to Get to the Camino Portuguese

camino portuguese inland and coastal route map

You can choose to start your pilgrimage on the Camino Portuguese anywhere, but the most common starting places are Lisbon for the full Camino Portuguese, Tui for the last 117 km of the route and Porto because of its history.

Starting in Lisbon

We recommend flying into Lisbon to get to the start of your Camino Portugues adventure!

From Lisbon airport, several urban bus routes can bring you to the city centre.

Starting Your Camino Portuguese in Santarem

The best way to get to Santarem is to fly to Lisbon.

You can take the bus from Lisbon airport to the city centre and then take another bus to Santarem.

There are also many train departures from Gare Oriente to Santarem all day long.

Beginning in Coimbra

It is best to fly to Porto or Lisbon, as several different companies fly to both airports, directly from the UK, Ireland, and main cities in Europe.

If you decide to fly to Porto then you can simply take either the Subway, linea violete, or an urban bus to get to the city centre. From there, several bus companies run to Coimbra.

There are also many train departures to Coimbra all day long.

Fly to Lisbon is an option as well. You can take the bus from Lisbon Airport to Lisbon bus station and then take the bus to Coimbra from there.

Start Your Camino in Porto

You can either fly directly to Porto or Vigo if you are starting your Camino Portuguese in of the oldest European centres of Porto.

You can easily take the Subway, linea violete, or an urban bus from Porto Airport to the city centre.

From Vigo, we recommend taking the bus from Vigo Airport to Vigo bus station and then, bus to Porto city centre.

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Begin the Camino Portuguese from Tui

It is best to fly to Santiago de Compostela.

To begin at Tui you will need to get 2 buses from the airport.

 – Bus from Santiago airport to Vigo (1hr). 

 – Vigo to Tui (30mins), several buses a day.

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Walking the Camino Portuguese on the Coastal Route

There’s also another option for how to finish your Camino Portuguese from Porto. The way is called Camino Portuguese Coastal and it goes from Porto to Oia and then from Oia to Santiago de Compostela.

coastal portuguse camino map porto to oia to santiago

Starting in Oia

You can take the train from Porto to Vigo which takes 2 hours 15 minutes or you can take the bus from Porto to Vigo which takes 2 hours 30 minutes. From Vigo, you can take a taxi or bus to Oia to begin your Camino Portuguese Coastal walk.

The other option is to fly into Santiago de Compostela and take a bus down to Oia, via Vigo. There is also a train from Santiago de Compostela to Vigo.

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There are lots of ways to where to fly into for your Camino Portuguese or Camino Portuguese Coastal Route and it’s up to you which way suits you the best. But if you’re not sure about your choice, contact our Camino experts who will be happy to help you decide which way is the best for you!

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