Two men cycling the Camino Frances route in Spain

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Cycling the Camino Frances on a Budget

The French Way by Bike!

Some pilgrims just prefer to explore the Camino with a bit more speed and on a saddle. Exploring by cycling is a great experience with a benefit: You will see more in the same amount of time! Travel the Camino to Santiago on a bike while enjoying the down to earth pilgrim spirit with our Budget Tours.

Choose one of the sections for a short getaway or go for the full Camino Frances.

We provide everything for your cycling trip, like a well inspected bike and equipment. All you need to do is hit the pedals!

Budget : Cycle the Camino Frances stages

Starting in Roncesvalles, cycling the full French way will bring you to the most stunning places of the Camino. Passing by the most important regions of Spain will teach you a lot about Spanish culture. This trip is amazing for the cyclist who loves to see different landscapes. It's also the best way to see many picturesque towns along your way.
Starting in Roncesvalles, this leg of the French Way will bring you to the vibrant city of Burgos. This section is great for cyclists who want to enjoy different landscapes, from the foothills of the Pyrenees to hilly fields of sunflowers, from woodland to red earth vineyards. It also has many historical cities as well as picturesque towns, and visitors can enjoy different regional cultures as they journey from the Basque Country to Castilla y Leon, not to mention the wine-dedicated region of La Rioja.
Starting from Burgos, medieval city and home of a UNESCO World Heritage cathedral, this section of the French Way by Bike offers some of the best historical and cultural vestiges of the whole Camino Frances. It passes through Leon and the vast Castilian Plateau (Approx. alt. 900m) before reaching another medieval bastion – the buzzing city of Ponferrada. The mostly flat and gentle terrain makes it accessible to any cyclist with an average level of fitness.

Starting in the mountain-hugging town of Ponferrada and finishing in Santiago de Compostela, this section covers both the Castilla y Leon and Galicia regions. Leaving the medieval city of Ponferrada behind us, this Camino crosses the magnificent O’Cebreiro Mountains before heading towards the heart of Galicia and its lush green hills.

This section can be physically demanding and requires a good level of fitness, but it is also a highly rewarding leg of the Camino, offering beautiful landscapes and numerous cultural sights.

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