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Walk the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela

Stage 1
7 days
Starting From

Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela Map
Traditionally, English and Irish pilgrims arrived by sea at Ferrol. The English way starts following the rugged hilly coastline, then moves inland to the lush, wooded countryside. Passing through the medieval village of Betanzos is like travelling back in time with its hill-perched market place. It is quieter than other routes so far those who are trying to get away from the more popular French Way, the English Way presents a great alternative to reach Santiago and get your pilgrim certificate within a week.



On your trip, you might stumble across a procession celebrating the Holy Week in Ferrol and asking for rice pudding, the famous dessert of the town!
Enjoy a glass of local wine in the rustic establishments of Betanzos, easily recognizing by a bay branch above the doors.

Unique landscapes

At the beginning of your trip, you can go to the Mirador de la Ermita, which offers you the best point of view from Ferrol.
Following the next 100 km, you get to be enchanted by the beauty of Galicia. Look around this green wonder of nature, walk through the natural parc of Fragas do Eume in Pontedeume and enjoy the silence.
When you pass by Ferrol and Betanzos, you will see the Rias of the city, which are especially charming. Finally, end your day with a little walk along the gorgeous beaches of Ferrol and Pontedeume.


Passing by those towns you may have noticed some specific streets or buildings. Go to the Magdalena streets and start looking for the mural paintings. Also, you can stroll through the street of Bezantos and be surprised by the white glass facades and the red-tiled roofs. On your journey you will see plenty of little chapels in the medieval style, which are a must-see, so you might want to consider doing a detour to see them.

Ferrol to Santiago De Compostela
Camino Ingles
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Day 1


You will be booked into a hotel in the heart of the town of Ferrol. The rooms are en-suite.

Day 2

Pontedeume to Betanzos

The English Way begins at the docks of Curuxeiras. After leaving Ferrol, the Camino gains altitude offering sweeping views of Betanzos, Ares and Ferrol. Crossing a medieval bridge, the Camino leads to Mino by way of the Camino Real once again. You will walk along the shoreline, which is an ever-present feature along the early stretches of the English Way. The estuary of the Lambre River offers lovely views of the Rias de Betanzos and its marshlands.

You may want to split this day into two, with a stopover in Neda.

Day 3

Betanzos to Bruma-Meson do Vento

After leaving the city behind, the Camino Ingles reaches the old bridge of As Casca, spanning the Mendo River. It then passes the villages of Matino and Boucello. Coming to the abandoned hermitage of San Paio, the Camino traverses farmlands to Bruma, the site of a medieval hospital.

Day 4

Bruma-Meson do Vento to Sigueiro

From the chapel of Bruma, the Camino leads to the lush municipality of Ordes. A tree-lined path brings the pilgrim to the church of San Xiao and the village of Casanova. Passing by meadows your final half of today is through a forest.

Note: There is an option to stop in Sigueiro rather than continuing on to the outside of Sigueiro. This will reduce this day walking to 23.8km and make the walk to Santiago 20.8km.

Day 5

Sigueiro to Santiago de Compostela

Today we continue into the municipality of Santiago. The Way continues along the Tambre river and leads to the “Fonte do Ingles” (The English Fountain). The way soon reaches Meixonfrio, site of an old inn where pilgrims and travellers would stop and rest. After passing a pre-Roman hill-fort, where each passing pilgrim would lay a stone on the already exiting pile, the Camino enters Santiago and you will walk up to the doors of the incredible cathedral!

Day 6

Santiago de Compostela

After breakfast, we bid you farewell, or welcome you onto one of the other routes of the Camino.

Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela Elevation

How to Get There

Getting to Ferrol, Spain

It is best to fly to Santiago de Compostela.
If flying from the United States, please check on Renfe the train timetables from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela.

Fly into Santiago de Compostela

Ryanair and Iberia/BA fly direct to Santiago de Compostela from the UK. Ryanair flies from Stansted, Nottingham East Midlands and Liverpool and Aer Lingus operates from Dublin. Many of the flights that arrive at the airport are from internal Spanish destinations. Iberia offers the best selection of flights and you can fly to and from Santiago De Compostela from: Frankfurt, Paris and Rome and Barcelona, Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Madrid, Malaga, Palma, Seville, Tenerife and Valencia.

You must take two buses to reach Ferrol from Santiago.

1 – Santiago airport to Caranza. See timetables in English.

2 – Caranza to Ferrol (15mins). Many buses every day.

Getting home from Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Fly from Santiago de Compostela

Shuttle buses from Santiago city centre to the airport (20mins).

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