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Walking the Geneva Way from St Genix-sur-Guiers to Chavanay

Stage 2
7 days
Starting From

St Genix-sur-Guiers to Chavanay Map
The second section of the Geneva Way will take you from St Genix sur Guiers through rural France to Chavanay. Look forward to cute villages, picturesque landscapes and local wine.


Lac de Paladru

When passing Le Pin, why not take a break at the clear, deep blue Lac de Paladru and enjoy a cooling swim. And if you don’t feel like taking a dip, you can just relax at the beach and watch the little sailing boats passing by.

La Côte-Saint-André

Not only is it a great example of France’s cute historical towns, La Côte-Saint-André is also the birth place of Hector Berlioz, one of the greatest classical composers of the 19th century. His house, where he was born on the 11 December 1803, is now an informative museum. In August, the town hosts the Festival Berlioz in honour of its famous citizen.

Monastery of Carmel Notre-Dame de Surieu

Do you feel like taking a break from walking and experiencing some religious tranquility? Then you should visit Carmel Notre-Dame de Surieu, a small monastery near Bellegarde-Poussieu and catch a glimpse at how the nuns lead their daily, humble lives in these beautiful old walls.

Saint Genix Sur Guiers to Chavanay
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Day 1

St Genix sur Guiers

Bienvenue – St Genix-sur-Guiers makes a great starting point for this second section of the Geneva Way. There are plenty of amenities and activities to keep you entertained. Or perhaps you will only enjoy some excellent local cheese and wine before you set off on your adventure.

Day 2

St Genix-Sur-Guiers to Saint Ondras

Starting out from St Genix-sur-Guiers you will cross the Le Guiers and then follow the river for a while. You are now in the Dept Isere having left the Dept Savoie behind in St Genix. Heading south, you will soon turn to head west for the rest of today. Before you finish, you will pass through the town of Les Abrets this area was given to the ‘Poor Knights of Christ’ back in the early 12th Century and who became better known as the Templars.

Day 3

Saint Ondras to Le Grands Lemps

From Saint Ondras, this walk will gently rise through farmlands and fields of grazing cows to the town of Le Pin. Continuing on skirting around through more farmland and woodlands you will have one final uphill climb before descending to Le Grands Lemps. On your walk down you will be welcomed with views over the plain of the Bièvre River. If you are lucky enough to be staying here on a Monday or Thursday night you may get to have a look around the market that is held here every Tuesday and Friday morning before setting out for your day walking.

Day 4

Le Grand Lemps to Cote Saint Andre

Today is a relatively short day so you can set out a bit later today should you wish or perhaps want to get to Cote Saint Andre early to sample some of the locally produced chocolate. The walk today will take you through the now familiar landscape of farmlands and it is relatively flat just slowly descending throughout the day to Cote Saint Andre the birthplace of composer Hector Berlioz.

Day 5

Cote Saint Andre to Bellegrade Poussieu

Similar landscape today to what you have been passing on the previous days. Although long, it is pleasant passing by small lakes. For the most part, this section is relatively flat but there are a few shallow climbs that help keep the walk interesting. A final descent will take you to your stop for the night the village of Bellegarde Poussieu. Before reaching the village you will pass by the former parish church of Bellegarde and a protected natural area that is home to the blue butterfly ‘azure of the serpole’.

Day 6

Bellegrade Poussieu to Chavanay

The start of today will be alongside or through forests. Today is also the day that you will meet and cross the Rhone River and move into the Loire Dept of the Rhone-Alpes region. As you approach the river, you will notice that the landscape becomes more built up. Crossing the Rhone ahead of you lies your stop for the night and the final night of this section Chavanay. Beyond you can see the mountainous landscape of the next section of the Geneva Way and the vineyards of the Rhone. Reward yourself for making it this far and completing this section with a glass of one of the local wines of the region.

Day 7


Today we say Au Revoir and hope to see you on the next and final section of the Geneva Way soon.

St Genix-sur-Guiers to Chavanay Elevation

How to Get There

This section of the Camino goes from St Genix-sur-Guiers to Chavanay.
To reach the starting point of this Camino and depart from its endpoint, the closest airport is Lyon.
We can organise airport transfers for you to get you from the airport to your first accommodation, and back to the airport at the end of your pilgrimage.

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