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The green forests, mediaeval hilltop towns, classic vineyards, and lush olive groves of this St Francis Way section highlight the undulating Italian landscape. During this tour, you will leave behind the historic region of Tuscany and enter the beautiful region of Umbria, while enjoying the story of St Francis across your route through rural landscapes and ancient towns alike.

Torre Comunale Citta di Castello

Torre Comunale Citta di Castello

A symbol of power, the Torre Citta was used as a prison during the 13th Century. The tower stands at nearly 40 metres tall, dominating the surrounding area. Its thick stone walls protect the remains of a fresco by Lucca Signorelli from 1474. Today the tower is notable on the skyline of Citta di Castello, a living memento to history across the ages.

basilica di Francesco di Assisi

Basilica di Francesco di Assisi

This UNESCO World Heritage site is the main church of the Roman Catholic order in Assisi. Built on a hill, the Basilica is made up of two churches (upper and lower) and a crypt with the remains of notable clergy members. The upper church is an impressive example of the Gothic style in Italy. The decoration and frescoes demonstrated the outstanding development of Italian Art over the centuries.

Gastronomy and Wine

Gastronomy and Wine

Take a rest in one of the many stunning Umbrian restaurants and try Bruschetta, a famous bread dish with olive oil and many incredible toppings (most often diced tomatoes). Follow it up with some Brustengolo, a traditional cake made with polenta, apple, pine nuts, walnuts, and lemon. Wash it all down with a glass of local wine from Umbria.

Sansepolcro to Assisi

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Sansepolcro, in the western part of Tuscany, is the birthplace of Piero della Francesca. Visit his famous Fresco “Resurrection” in the town’s museum. If you have, the nearby convent of Montecasale is a short 15-minute taxi ride out of Sansepolcro and is worth a visit. This peaceful and spiritual place is where robbers were camped when St Francis got his followers to provide them with food. To return the favour the robbers provided firewood to the brothers and afterwards even gave up their criminal ways to join them in a holy life.



12.7 km


Leaving Sansepolcro, cross the river before going along the flat road through factories, warehouses, and farms to Gricignano. Passing through the town of Fighille you will follow a road with the Stations of the Cross for a while. Pass by fields of crops with the hills in front of you, then gently climb to the picturesque town of Citerna. Visit the mediaeval walkway, a covered passageway perfect for romantic strolls. Next, visit the Church of San Francesco which has a Byzantine wood crucifix as well as a statue of the Madonna with Child that was recently attributed to Donatello.



19.2 km


Walk the winding trails through forests and fields, and expect sweeping views of the region today. At Agriturismo Le Burgne and Lerchi you can take short coffee breaks. The town of Citta di Castello is built on an old Roman town and the walls of the city date back to the 16th Century. Climb the Torre Comunale, which dates from the 11th Century, for panoramic views or wander around the Pinacoteca Comunale art gallery which houses mediaeval and Renaissance art. St Francis is also linked to this town, as it is claimed he cast a demon out of a woman here.



30.7 km


Passing by vineyards and olive groves and over the undulating hillside, take time to have a picnic in one of the calm clearings today. Climb to the summit of Monte Santo Stefano before making your way into the Carpinella valley and the town of Pietralunga. Here, you can visit the Church of Santa Maria as well as wander around the narrow streets and enjoy a hearty meal of typical Umbrian cuisine, such as boar sausage, after a long day’s walk.



24.9 km


Zigzag through mountain forests before the vistas open up and you begin a descent down to the valley. Visit Monteleto’s small parish church in the garden and enjoy a picnic here while drinking in the tranquillity of this place. Walking into Gubbio you may want to visit the Roman theatre. This stunning stone hill town at the foot of Mount Ingino is where St Francis talked to a wolf and convinced it to stop killing the town’s people before taming it. It is said that Francis slept in the Chiesa San Francesco’s sacristy when he visited Gubbio. If this long day of walking has left you hungry, be sure to sample some pasta with truffles and porcini mushrooms, a local delicacy.



20.4 km


The walk today will see you retrace the steps of St Francis after he initially left his family. Visit Chiesa di San Francesco della Pace, where his pet wolf’s remains are buried under the altar. Pass by a former 12th Century Leper Hospital before coming to the town of Ponte d’Assi where you can stock up on suppliers for today’s walk. Passing by farms and woodlands you will continue to climb before making your way downhill to the Madonna della Grazie shrine. Later, visit the 15th Century Eremo di San Pietro Monastery, and the 14th Century Chiesa del Caprignone. Continue through the woods and cross another quaint creek before arriving at Biscina your stop for the night.



31 km


Take out your camera for lovely views of the rolling hills and waters of Lago di Valfabbrica. Stroll around the lake and down the river to the Monastery of Santa Maria. This is where Francis sought help after being beaten and left for dead in a snowy ditch by bandits. Wind through the fields and up a hill to a viewpoint with a wooden cross and, for the first time, be able to see the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi. You will pass a statue of Padre Pio as you ramble down into Assisi and the Basilica di San Francesco. You can attend a daily pilgrim mass here at 6pm.





After breakfast, we bid you farewell, or welcome you to the next stage of the St Francis Way to Rome. Assisi is the birthplace of St Francis and also where his tomb lies, so the town is filled with connections to him for you to visit. We highly recommend spending an extra night here to take in the beautiful town.

How to Get There

Getting to Sansepolcro, Italy

To begin your Camino, it is best to fly into Florence Airport.

Fly into Florence

Florence Airport is served by all the major airlines across Europe, including Iberia/BA and Aer Lingus out of Dublin. From the airport, get the shuttle tram into the city. Then, go to Santa Maria Novella train station and head for Arezzo. Switch to the bus and get on the line for Via Marconi (Autostazione) in Sansepolcro. This journey takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    Getting home from Assisi, Italy

    It is easiest to return from Assisi via Perugia Airport. Perugia is connected to a number of major cities across Europe, including London Stansted and London Heathrow.

    Fly home from Perugia

    From Assisi, it is only a 15 minute taxi to Perugia Airport and will cost around €30.

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