Via Francigena from Acquapendente to Viterbo

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With five days and four nights to enjoy the Italian countryside, this tour allows you to experience traditional Italy at a leisurely pace. At every stop, you can enjoy the unique local wine, cuisine, and rich cultural practices of towns that may differ greatly over a matter of kilometres. After touring the countryside, the tour ends in Viterbo, home of the Papal Palace.


Viterbo’s Medieval Heritage

Built by the Etruscans and later taken over by the Romans, the town developed into a huge mediaeval centre of trade and culture, and was also the seat of the Papacy for a brief time. Viterbo has a lot of places to visit like the Palazzo dei Papi, a beautiful monument supported by a series of columns and arches. Following this, you should go through the Duomo di Viterbo, an imposing Romanesque church standing in the Piazza di San Lorenzo.


A Culture Unqiue in the Region

One of the best things to do in Viterbo is to go on the Terme dei Papi, the famous bath structure with outdoor and indoor pools. But as an Italian town, Viterbo also has much more to offer such as its own specialties such as the Lombrichelli, handmade pasta typical for Viterbo. For dessert, ask for a Tozzetti, a biscuit made with organic and local hazelnut.

Landscapes on the walk

The Best of Tuscan Landscapes

You will pass through amazing landscapes, typical of Tuscany and the north of the Lazio province, with small mountains to climb and enjoy memorable views while skirting the stunning Lago Di Bolsena to get some fresh air. Forests and rivers will accompany you all along this trip. The routes are a little challenging but it is worth the effort. Every town you will be in also offers you the chance to revive yourself through beautiful architecture, friendly locals, and delectable food.

Via Francigena from Acquapendente to Viterbo

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In this city, you can do some sightseeing and visit the marvellous Acquapendente Cathedral (Basilica del Santo Sepulcro) and the stunning Torre Alfina. Acquapendente is an agricultural city, known for its vegetable and wine products, so be sure to sample what the city can offer.



22.2 km


Starting your walk to Bolsena today, the route goes through the beautiful countryside on rural tracks before entering San Lorenzo Nuovo. From the town’s main square, and when leaving the town, you will see the glorious Lago di Bolsena. The path from here is a mix of gravel roads and tarmac roads, through fields uphill and downhill for some time. Eventually, going by the Volsini archaeological site, you will enter the town of Bolsena, situated by Lago di Bolsena. Here, we recommend that you visit the Castle of Bolsena and the Church of Saint Cristina, which contains catacombs.



18.1 km


Today’s walk is quite short. There is quite a bit of hill-walking, offering minor challenge. However, gravel tracks and tarmac roads in between break up the hill-walking and you are accompanied by really beautiful nature, walking by rivers and nice woods. Take a moment to witness this nature and breathe in the fresh air. Once you reach the great Church of San Flaviano and continue up the hills, you will enter Montefisacone. You can relax here before seeing the wonderful Montefiascone Cathedral – one of the oldest buildings by architect Michele Sanmicheli. It was a ruin in 1330 and took three centuries to be rebuilt. A fire then damaged it, taking a further ten years to repair. Its interior was fully restored in 1893.



17.8 km


Leaving Montefiascone the city is quite hilly, but it is not difficult to walk on. Outside of the city, there is more hillwalking with intermittent gravel tracks and earth roads. Much like the route to Montefiascone, it is a bit challenging but is not hard to do, and mixed in with amazing woods and small forests. As part of the woods in Bagnaccio, you can rest here at the fantastic natural hot thermal baths. The rest of the way is not strenuous as you’re walking on roads entering Viterbo.





After breakfast we bid you farewell. Try to visit the incredible Papal Palace, as well as the many Romanesque churches established in the city, before you leave. Trying the local Lombrichelli pasta and Tozzetti (a biscuit made with organic hazelnuts) is also a must.

How to Get There

Getting to Acquapendente, Italy

To begin your Camino, it is easiest to fly into Pisa or Rome Fiumicino Airport.

Fly into Pisa Airport

Pisa Airport is a major travel hub for Italy, connecting to a number of cities in Ireland, the UK, and across Europe. Ryanair flies into Pisa. To get to Acquapendente, you will need to take the train into Pisa Centrale station. Then, head for Orvieto. From the train station, you can get a taxi (or we can arrange a private transfer) to your accommodation in town. This journey will take between 3 hours and 4 hours.

    Fly into Rome Fiumicino Airport

    Many European airlines fly into Rome Fiumicino, including Ryanair, Aer Lingus, and Iberia/BA. From the airport, take a train into Rome’s Termini station, and then switch to head for Orvieto. Again, you will need to get a taxi (or we can arrange a private transfer) to Acquapendente. This trip will take about 3 hours.

      Getting home from Viterbo, Italy

      It is best to return from Viterbo via Rome Fiumicino Airport.

      Fly home from Rome Fiumicino Airport

      Head for the main train station in Viterbo, Porta Romana. Then, get the line to Rome Trastevere station. From there, switch trains and you can get directly to the airport. This journey will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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