Via Francigena from Laon to Reims

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With only five days of walking, the short fourth section of Via Francigena takes you over rolling hills with stops at various villages throughout the Champagne region. At every stop, you will have the opportunity to try the local produce such as Reims ham, but most importantly the uniquely regional drink known the world over, Champagne.

Laon Cathedral

Laon Cathedral

Built in the Gothic style, Laon is one of France’s oldest cathedrals. Protected since 1840, the cathedral overlooks the city of Laon from the ‘Laon’s mountain’. With two tall towers and a beautiful round window, the front of the cathedral is a wonderful sight. The interior is also wonderfully detailed. The clever line of sight designed by architect Villard De Honnecourt invites you to take a walk around the cloister to fully appreciate the building.

The Champagne region france

The Champagne region

You are in the region which made France famous at every celebration worldwide, Champagne! Crossing the vineyards laced with the special champagne grapevine, we invite you to make a stop (or maybe several) and talk with the local producers. If you have ever drunk ‘champagne’ from anywhere else, this taste will make you forget it in an instant. The purest and tastiest champagne is found right here. So after your walk, please have a seat and relax while drinking a ‘coupe de champagne’.

Remis Cathedral

The Cathedral of Reims

It is impossible to cross Reims without seeing the cathedral. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it’s the traditional place for the coronation of the King of France holds an important place in French History. Damaged during the French Revolution and by the World Wars, the cathedral was rebuilt in the original Gothic style. The front of the cathedral is covered with statues of past kings and important figures. Inside, the detailed stained glass windows date from between the 13th and 20th centuries. Its luminosity and architectural achievement raises Notre Dame de Reims above all other churches in the area.

Via Francigena from Laon to Reims

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While in Laon you can visit the Cathedral Notre Dame of Laon as well as the many other historic buildings in the centre of town. Or, find a quiet square to rest and people watch before your walk commences.



26.6 km


Leaving Laon, you will mostly follow a grassy track downhill, across a river and through woods until you reach Vorges. Here you can grab an early morning coffee or snack, or continue for 1km more to the village of Bruyères-et-Montbèrault where you can also stop. Later, you will come to Corbeny. While in Corbeny, be sure to sample some of the local Cuvée Saint Marcoul sparking white or rosé wine.



23.4 km


Leaving Corbeny, you will be walking on quiet country roads for the first 6.5 km until you reach the village of Pontavert where you can get a freshly baked snack from the bakery. Following the Canal Latéral à l’Aisne, you will head to Gernicourt, where you will veer away from the canal and take a straight road to Cormicy and enter the Marne Department. A short walk later you will be in Hermonville. Hermonville is also in the French region of Champagne-Ardenne, so why not try the locally produced and well deserved Champagne Franck Debut?



16.3 km


From Hermonville, you will make your way to your final stop for this section, Reims. Passing through the countryside and woodlands, you will begin to see more of the vineyards that produce Champagne. Stroll through villages with picturesque stone houses, such as the village of Saint-Thierry, you might want to have a break before making the final walk into Reims.





After breakfast, we bid you farewell. Reims has been a major city since the time of the Romans and is where the coronation of the kings of France used to take place. Be sure to visit the cathedral with its awe-inspiring stained glass windows and, as a treat, sample some of the local Champagne.

How to Get There

Getting to Laon, France

To begin your Camino, it is best to fly into one of Paris Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly.

Fly into Paris Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle is a major international airport and nearly all airlines fly there, including Iberia/BA and Aer Lingus from Dublin. Getting to Laon from here takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1 get the bus to Gare De Dammartin-Juilly-Saint Mard. From there, switch to the train station and you can get a direct line to Laon.

    Fly into Paris Orly

    Paris Orly serves budget airlines such as Wizz Air. The best way to get from Orly Airport to Laon is on the train. Get the tram from the airport to Gare D’Antony. Switch to the train in the same station and head for Paris Nord. Then you can reach Laon directly. This will take around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

      Getting home from Reims, France

      It is easiest to return from Reims using either Charles de Gaulle Airport or Paris Orly.

      Fly home from Paris Charles de Gaulle

      From Reims train station to Charles de Gaulle Airport takes roughly 1 hour and a half. Take the train to Champagne-Ardenne, then transfer to the line bound for Terminal 2 of the airport.

        Fly home from Paris Orly

        Heading from Reims to Orly Airport, take the train to Paris L’Est. Switch lines to Paris Nord, then disembark at Gare D’Antony. From there, the tram runs directly to Orly. This should only take one hour and 30 minutes.

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