Via Francigena from Vercelli to Piacenza

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An easier, more relaxed walk than the previous leg, the tenth section of the Via Francigena visits the Church of San Croce in Mortara, which contains a cast of the footprint of Christ. The walk consists mostly of walking along roadsides, over bridges, and railways and across numerous dirt tracks around fields. Through quiet towns you pass through you’ll get a sense of the region.


Classic Italian Landscapes

Crossing from Vercelli to Piacenza, the landscape changes a lot and you are now clearly in Italy. Mountains will be transformed into hills and vineyard scents will accompany your journey. Listen to the song of the birds mixed with the rushing water coming from the river you follow and embrace this gorgeous, idyllic corner of Italy.

Castello Visconteo

Castello Visconteo

Located in Pavia, the Castello Visconteo was built in 1360 after Galeazzo, the fifth Duke of Milan, took the city. The castle was thereafter the main residence of the Visconti family for several hundred years. To the north of the castle, a wide park is enclosed. A huge cloister crowned by Italian windows gives an atmosphere of freedom and peace. The Castello now houses the Civic Museums of Pavia.



Piacenza is known for its wonderful palazzos and cathedrals, such as Piacenza Cathedral. Romanesque architecture is particularly highlighted in this Italian area, so if you are interested in architecture, make sure to spend some extra time here. Between the cathedral and the Palazzo Gotico, the Gothic Basilica of Sant’Antonio is certainly worth a visit. It can easily be identified by its colossal arch frames.

Via Francigena from Vercelli to Piacenza

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In Vercelli, you can rest before the day’s walk to Robbio or do some sight-seeing and sample the culture of the town. If you decide to explore the town, the Cathedral of Vercelli is a great place to start. Inside it are wonderful paintings from local artists. The city is also famous for its rice products, so we recommend trying out some dishes before leaving for Robbio.



18 km


Today’s walk is gentle going, through flat farmland with little incline. You will stroll along dirt tracks moving from Piedmont to Lombardy. Lombardy is famous not only for its lakes (Garda, Como, and Maggiore) but also its wine and rice production. You will pass by the small village of Palestra before heading into Robbio for the night.



15 km


Pass by the town’s sports stadium and walk through pleasant farmland and fields. Halfway through, you will cross the Torrente Agogna River after which you will pass Madona del Campo and its 12th Century church, Santa Maria de Pertica. Today’s walk is short, giving you the chance to enjoy free time and visit the Church of San Croce in Mortara, containing a cast of a footprint of Christ.



23.2 km


Today, you will pass beautiful flowing rivers before walking under the underpass. You will then come across the magnificent Abbazia di San Alcuino which was founded in the 5th Century. Charlemagne rebuilt it in 774 AD. After passing through Tromello, you will reach the Santuario Basilica Madonna delle Bozzole, and hear the incredible story of how the sanctuary came to be. Walking through the field tracks after the sanctuary you will see where Garlasco is found with its very impressive castle, which you can’t miss.



24.9 km


The walk today is a little bit longer and a bit more challenging than the previous ones. Garlasco’s main roads pass by its churches and out into the countryside. Canals here bring you to earth tracks, where you can take in the fresh air and observe the beautiful nature around you. Entering Gropello Cairoli, you can visit San Rocco Church with its incredible medallion hanging outside the front door. An easy stroll on a field track brings you by a tarmac road near a motorway. After going under the motorway, there are trees for some shade before going under two more bridges. Steps by a covered bridge lead into Pavia, famous for its wine and rice products. The Certosa and the Castello Visconteo are the best places to see in this tranquil town.



16 km


Today’s walk is filled with gorgeous churches to brighten up the day. Cross a canal from Pavia, following the road to San Lazzaro Church. A small hill nearby leads to a footpath by a nice park and then a small road after San Leonardo brings you to San Giacomo della Cerretta. A church here contains beautiful frescoes of James the Pilgrim. Meandering then down a minor road you will reach Santa Margherita before arriving into Belgioioso. Within the town, there is a mediaeval castle – Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo. This is where Francis I of France was held after the Battle of Pavia.



16.7 km


Follow a gravel track and cross the bridge over the Fiume Olona towards Corteolona. The track then becomes a paved road as you enter Santa Cristina e Bissone.

Following the railway line alongside an embankment, you will arrive at a railway station and your stop for the night, Miradolo Terme. Here you can visit the Baths of Miradolo, a thermal spa and wellness centre, and relax before your final day of walking.



34 km


Today is the final leg to the last town – Piacenza. It is a long day, so remember to pace yourself. This route consists of a series of dirt tracks, roadsides, bridges, and railways. You can also take a boat ride across the River Po if you wish. Impressive churches are scattered throughout the day, as well as the magnificent Neomedieval Castello Cusani Visconti in Chignolo Po where you can take a break. Finally, you will arrive in the beautiful and charming town of Piacenza.





After breakfast, we bid you farewell. After your night’s rest, you should be in good spirit’s to visit the fantastic Palazzo Comunale (Gotico). Piacenza is also famous for its salted pork products, so it’s well worth trying their pancetta, coppa, and salami dishes!

How to Get There

Getting to Vercelli, Italy

To begin your Camino, it is easiest to fly into Milan Malpensa Airport.

Fly into Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan has several major airports, with Malpensa served by airlines from all over the world. This includes Ryanair and Aer Lingus, which operates out of Dublin. From the airport, take the train to Milan Centrale station. From there, you can get to Vercelli directly. This journey will take you less than 2 hours.

    Getting home from Piacenza, Italy

    It is best to return from Piacenza through one of the airports in Milan, Malpensa or Bergamo.

    Fly home from Milan Malpensa

    From Piacenza’s train station, catch the line to Milan Centrale. From there, it’s easy to connect to the airport’s Terminal 1 via train. This journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

      Fly home from Milan Bergamo

      Bergamo is a smaller airport, and is typically served by budget airlines including Ryanair. You can get a bus directly from Piacenza at Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi to Milan Bergamo bus station. This trip can take between 1 hour and 45 minutes and 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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