Guided 2025: Via Francigena Last 100km from Viterbo to Rome

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Stretching from Canterbury, England to Rome, Italy this is easily the longest route we operate. The final section of the Via Francigena takes you from the charming city of Viterbo through the Italian countryside to Rome. Standing in the Vatican City is truly the pinnacle of this adventure.


What to see?

You have arrived in the Italian capital, the most historical city in Italy. Rome is the starting point of the Latin culture. That’s why, once you arrive in town go see the most important things such as the coliseum or the forum and the Arco di Costantino, which are the most famous places of the Latin culture and full of history. Then. walk to the Pantheon, passing by the Trevi fountain, the Piazza Navona and the Monte Palatino, the ultimate starting point of the history of Rome construction. History says that Rome was first built on the Palatine hill. To have a complete view of the culture, go take a look at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Pasta in italy

Food culture

If you love Italian food, you’re in the right place. Obviously you have to taste the Rigatoni carbonara, the most famous meal in Roma and for the first time, in its true, authentic form. After this gorgeous meal, take a dessert with a true Italian coffee. The Roman dessert is called maritozzi, a yeasted bun or some mini cannoli. When you feel thirsty, enjoy a real Gelato, we assure you that you will make you feel better.
For the aperitif, try the Saltimbocca alla Romana made with pounded veal, prosciutto, and sage, cooked with white wine and butter, this little thing just jumps in your mouth!

Rome river

Events in Rome

There’s plenty of events in Rome all throughout the year. But the main events are happening between March and September. Let’s start with the Ides of March, the anniversary of Julius Caesar’s death, a true show tracing the history. Then on April 21st, Rome celebrates the foundation of Rome by a series of festivities and events. If you go to Rome in May go see the most beautiful Villas of Rome which open their doors to the public. In June, you can’t miss the Vino Forum, which features 2.500 wines and pop-up restaurants held by Michelin-starred chefs.

Guided 2025: Via Francigena Last 100km from Viterbo to Rome

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You will stay in a traditional hotel in the heart of the town. Viterbo is a city of ancient origin and historical traditions, lying close to the Cimini Mountains, between the Lakes of Bolsena and Vico. The city offers many alternatives from art to traditional cuisine, from medieval and renaissance architecture to thermal spas nearby.



18.1 km


Leaving Viterbo you take country lanes that pass through vineyards and olive groves. Along the route and not far from the city, it may be possible to visit an ancient Etruscan tomb. The rest of the road proceeds smoothly through fields and woods to Vetralla, a fortified town in the heart of the ancient Etruscan territories.



22.7 km


From Vetralla, you pass through a forest to the Church of the Virgin of Loreto. Then you walk through extensive hazel groves, passing monumental oaks, to arrive at the Orlando towers, ruins of an ancient monastery. You continue to the charming town of Capranica, and you finally reach the walled town of Sutri, known for its Etruscan amphitheatre and archaeological park.



27.7 km


You start by walking along country lanes and tracks to the village of Monterosi, near a beautiful lake with an expanse of waterlilies. You continue your journey through fields to Monte Gelato waterfall in a park area where you can rest and have a refreshing paddle. Then you enter Veio Park, a protected area, and you follow a riverside track through woodland to the hilltop town of Campagnano.



21.8 km


Leaving Campagnano you have panoramic views over the beautiful countryside of Lazio before entering Veio Park where you can visit the Sanctuary of “Madonna Del Sorbo”. You then pass through the walled old town of Formello and you take tracks through fields down to the river Valchetta, on to charming Isola Farnese and onwards to La Storta.



19.7 km


This last stage of your trip crosses the suburbs to arrive at the center of Rome. You also pass through Monte Mario Park where you have amazing views of the entire city of Rome and can admire for the first time the dome of St Peter’s church.  Then you descend to St Peter’s square – your final goal!





Today, we bid you arrivederci! Take this opportunity to explore the ancient city and its many churches.

As you will have walked the Way of St Francis be sure to visit the Basilica of St John Lateran where, in the 4th Chapel, there is a painting of St Francis receiving the stigmata and also in the park outside there is a large statue of St Francis that if you stand behind at a certain distance it looks as if St Francis is holding up the church.

You can extend your stay here for a few days to give you time to see some of the magnificent art and architecture of the city. Contact us so we can book your accommodation for a few nights longer.

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