Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have booked your Camino trip or are still thinking about it, below we have curated some of the most popular questions people have about their Camino journey.


  • Do the hotels have Wifi?

    Some hotels will have Wifi or Internet access but not all. You can check with your individual hotels online or by contacting them directly when you receive your holiday pack a few weeks before departure.

  • Will I have a private bathroom?

    En-suite means private bathroom. All rooms are booked with a private bathroom unless otherwise specified.

  • What is the difference between twin and double?

    Twin room is a room with two separate beds. 

    Double room is a double bed if available. In some hotels, a double room may in fact be twin beds pushed together.

  • Where are the hotels located?

    The hotels and guesthouses we book are located in towns along your trip. Unless we specify otherwise, the hotels are easy to reach on foot.

    To find out more about the types of accommodation we select and why check out dedicated post on this here: Hand Picked Accommodation on the Camino de Santiago.


  • What is breakfast like on the Camino?

    Breakfast is included in all of our itineraries. This is continental style which includes but is not limited to breads, cereals, fruits, ham, cheese, tea and coffee.  Breakfast in Spain is typically a light meal, this is true even on the Camino.

  • What time is dinner in Spain?

    Dinner is usually served from 7pm or 8pm until 10pm but times may vary in individual hotels and restaurants. Dinner usually consists of a 3 course set menu of starter, main and dessert.

  • Are drinks included?

    Drinks are not included. Some hotels may provide a complimentary drink on arrival or with your evening meal.


  • When is my luggage transferred?

    Luggage is transferred on the days that you are walking to a different hotel. We ask you to have it ready at reception at 8.00 so as to make sure we can deliver your luggage and others as early as possible in the afternoon.

    Make sure that you use our luggage tags. Ideally, write your trip reference and the group leader’s name so our luggage handler can identify your luggage straight away. You can also add a mobile phone number to the luggage tags if you wish. Please note that the hotels are not committed to bring your luggage to your room so it will be up to you to carry it to your bedroom. In some cases, accommodation may not have a lift and you may have to carry the luggage up the stairs. It is usually delivered to your next hotel by 6pm max.

    Note that if you are not going by foot or cycling to your following destination you MUST take your luggage with you.

  • Is there a size or bag number limit for luggage transfer?

    The luggage transfer is limited to 1 bag per person with a maximum weight of 20 kg per bag, it does not matter the size of the bag. Additional bags can be transferred for an extra €10 per bag per transfer.

  • Can I get a lift with the luggage transporter?

    We can’t allow you to go with the luggage transporter as they are not insured to carry people only goods (luggage).

  • How can I find my airport transfer on arrival?

    At the airport, look for our driver at the meeting area of the terminal. He will be holding a sign “FOLLOWTHECAMINO” and/or your name/booking reference.

  • Do you offer a support van service?

    No, we do not provide a support van for walkers. If you are tired or feel that a particular walk will be too long for you, ask your hotel or tourist office about local bus/train services between towns or local taxis. It is also an idea to take the number of a local taxi driver from your hotel every morning just in case. You can always stop at a coffee or restaurant and they usually have no problem in helping you ordering one to pick you up (taxi is an international word).

Pilgrim Passport

  • What is the Pilgrim Passport?

    This Camino passport (Credencial del Peregrino) will be proof that you have walked the 100km necessary to obtain your ‘Compostela’ or ‘Pilgrim Certificate’, the official document to your journey. You will need to collect at least two stamps per day. You can get a stamp at your accommodation, any café/bars/restaurants your stop in as well as some shops and churches along the Way.

    We will provide you with one per person as part of our holiday pack. You can also read more here about getting your Pilgrim Certificate: How to Get Your Camino Compostela – The Pilgrim Office Santiago.

  • Why are we given Scallop shells?

    Scallop shells are a symbol of the pilgrims who are completing the Camino. There are various theories as to why this is the symbol, mainly due to the death of Saint James. Other people think it is for practical purposes such as gathering water from the fountains. You will see nowadays most people just put them on their backpacks to show that they are a pilgrim.