Cancer Survivor, John McGarry – His Story

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On World Cancer Day, with the theme ‘Not Beyond Us’, this is the survivors’ message: that cancer can be beaten successfully and a good life can follow.

John McGarry has walked the Camino in 2014 with Follow The Camino. As a cancer survivor, John came to us with great ambition to walk the Camino. We have guided him with the best itinerary with rest days and stages cut. He did training in Dublin and Howth before his Camino trip. In between two of John’s trips, he has discussed his experience with Umberto.

Marking World Cancer Day today, the Irish Cancer Society is trying to make sure that people know the early signs of cancer – and how to take action if you spot any of them. Click here to check the signs of cancer. The survival rate for all cancers in Ireland has increased from 45% in 1994-1999 to 60% in 2008-2011.

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