Cycling the Camino de Santiago

Cycling the Camino de Santiago is perfect for those who have a need for speed or simply love to cycle. Aside from the obvious health benefits of cycling, you will actually be seeing double! As cycling the Camino is considerably faster than walking, you’ll be able to see twice as much of the glorious Camino in roughly the same amount of time.

To cycle the Camino de Santiago we have a number of options for you to consider. We have cycling trips along both the Camino Frances and the Camino Portugues. For these trips, like our walking trips, we have designed manageable, 7-day sections so you get the most from your cycling trip. We recommend you only cycle the Camino if you are already a regular cycler who is used to cycling 40km or more per day. For the biking enthusiasts who are looking for a real challenge, we created the Cycling Challenge, covering 714kms in 8 days. For this particular trip, you will be cycling an average of 90kms per day, so it would suit avid cyclists looking for their next sporting challenge.

As part of your Camino de Santiago cycling trip, all our packages include the rental of an easy-to-assemble bike. We also include a helmet, gel saddle, water bottle holder, pannier rack and bag, and repair kit. For your convenience and reassurance, third-party bike breakdown insurance also comes as standard with our packages.

When cycling the Camino de Santiago, you will cycle among some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes, passing through villages and towns bursting with character and local culture. So get on your bike and get pedalling! Join us on this well-renowned path, drenched in history and mystique.

Camino Cycling Difficulty Grades

Our Biking Grades are calculated by considering the length, gradient, distance and technicality of the route involved. As per the walking grades, the biking grades scale has 3 variables; Easy, Moderate and Challenging.

cycling the camino Cycling the Camino – Easy

Typically flat terrain with no notable hills nor steep gradients. Low kilometres by comparison to other trips. These are the easiest trips available.

camino by bike Cycling the Camino – Moderate

Rolling countryside, occasional hills, possible short gradients of low percentages. These trips are available to most people with some cycling experience and average fitness, working out regularly.

camino de santiago bike Cycling the Camino – Challenging

Rolling to hilly countryside, some notable hills with short and possibly steep gradients. Longer rides of 50km+. Designed for a more experienced and strong cyclist. All technical aspects of riding difficult terrain fall into this category.