Celebrating B Corp Month: Pioneering Sustainable Camino Journeys

As we step into B Corp Month, it’s time to spotlight the collective journey of businesses striving for more than just profit. The theme for this year, “moving forward, together,” resonates deeply with us at Follow the Camino, the only B Corp certified Camino provider.

It’s a reminder that achieving B Corp certification isn’t merely reaching a milestone; it’s about an ongoing quest towards better business practices, sustainability, and inclusivity.

At Follow the Camino, we take immense pride in our B Corp certification because it underscores our commitment to not just creating memorable journeys but ensuring they tread lightly on our planet. This certification is an invitation to join a movement dedicated to continuous improvement and positive impact, a principle that is at the core of our operations and values.

A Commitment to Carbon Offset Projects

Our journey to sustainability is paved with significant milestones, notably our carbon offset projects certified by First Climate. These projects are an integral part of our mission to counterbalance the carbon footprint resulting from our operations.

By investing in renewable energy, and conservation projects, we aim not only to offset our emissions but also to support communities and ecosystems around the world. This initiative reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship, ensuring that every step we take on the Camino contributes to a healthier planet.

Through this, we also successfully compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions derived from our business activities throughout the years.

Our Carbon Offset Projects

YearProject NameCarbon Offset
2023‘Spouts’ Safe Drinking Water, Uganda, Gold Standard – GS 5705
5MW Solar PV Power Plant by AEPL, India, Gold Standard – GS 4824
1.450 t CO2e
2022Wind Power in Karnataka, India, Gold Standard – GS 5799
‘Spouts’ Safe Drinking Water, Uganda, Gold Standard – GS 7570
1.250 t CO2e
2021Wind Power in Karnataka, India, Gold Standard – GS 5799250 t CO2e
2020Wind Power in Karnataka, India, Gold Standard – GS 5799250 t CO2e

But did you know, thats not all! We have been tirelessly working towards becoming a sustainable company by transforming both our internal and external activities. You can read all about our sustainability initiative’s here.

Transparency and Progress

Transparency is a cornerstone of trust and accountability in any business, more so in one that pledges to uphold the highest standards of social and environmental performance. In keeping with this belief, we have made our Communications on Progress public as part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact. This not only demonstrates our dedication to transparent business practices but also allows our community to track our progress, challenges, and successes in real-time.

We understand that the path to sustainability is ever-evolving, requiring us to adapt, innovate, and persist in our efforts. Our B Corp certification is not a final destination but a milestone in our ongoing journey to better business. As we celebrate B Corp Month, we invite our travelers, partners, and the broader community to join us in this journey.

Looking Ahead: Growing Our Impact

This year’s B Corp Month theme champions the B Corp community as a work in progress, constantly striving to enhance their impact. At Follow the Camino, we are excited to share our plans for the future, which include expanding our carbon offset initiatives, enhancing our sustainable travel options, and deepening our community engagement. Our vision extends beyond the horizons of today, aiming to forge pathways that future generations can tread upon with pride and assurance.

As we celebrate B Corp Month, let us remind ourselves of the power of collective action and shared vision. We’re not just walking the Camino; we’re paving the way for a sustainable future, together. Join us on this journey to better business, for a better world.

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