Top 5 Things To Do In Porto | Camino Portuguese

The iconic city of Porto located in the north of Portugal serves as the entryway for the coastal route of Camino Portugues. 

Between the Baroque architecture, Douro river, endless hills, and a myriad of culture, the city has a whole lot to offer. With the help of Follow the Camino, you can explore it all. Whether you are embarking on the Camino for self-exploration or religious purposes we’ve curated a list of 5 unparalleled sights to visit in Porto, just for our Camino travelers. 

Porto, Portugal panoramic view of old town Oporto from Dom Luis bridge on the Douro River on a sunny day
  1. Port Cellar hopping 

The city of Porto was named after the infamous Port Wine. Owing to this it would be almost impossible to visit the city without sampling some of it and learning about Port Wine’s history and culture in its birthplace. 

Take some time out of you day to head across the river to Vila Nova de Gaia – home of the Port Cellars and immerse yourself in Port Wine’s history. Most of the Port cellars are located quite close to each other making it convenient to hop from one to the other. Some of the noteworthy Port Cellars include Calem, Sandeman, and Caves Ferreira. 

Barrels in the wine cellar, Porto, Portugal
  1. Stroll down the Douro river

The Douro river flowing through the city of Porto is a visual wonder. Lit up with lights across enchanting buildings, a walk across this river is an ideal way to breathe in the deep-rooted culture of the gorgeous city during the day and night. 

Both sides of the river are stacked with adorable little cafes and restaurants where one can enjoy a glass or Port Wine and Sandes de pernil – Porto’s most famous local dish. All while enjoying the scenic beauty of the brown top buildings lined up across the river. 

Panoramic image of Douro river at night
  1. Cathedral Se do Porto 

Porto’s cathedral is situated in the oldest district of Porto – Morro da Se, where the city was born. Rooting back to the 12th century, the breathtaking cathedral was built by the Romans specifically the Bishop Hugh, a French Nobleman. 

For a mere entry fee, you can expect marvelous architecture, views of the medieval tower, silver altar, sacred art museum and gothic cloisters. Bearing in mind that Porto is the starting point of the Camino Portuguese route, make sure you get your stamp on the Camino passport to mark the beginning of your journey. 

Cathedral se do Porto
  1. Porto from the sky – Clerigos Tower 

Ever wondered what a city as beautiful as Porto would look like from 75 metres high? Torre dos Clerigos, popularly known as the Baroque bell tower is an experience of a lifetime. Prepare to immerse yourself in an extreme capacity of art and culture all while taking in the skyline of the city. 


View of the Torre dos Clerigos in the city center of Porto, Portugal
  1. Livraria Lello 

For all the potterheads out there, you’re in for a treat. Ever wondered what inspired J.K Rowling’s legacy – Harry Potter? Well look no further, it was the iconic Livraria Lello – one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. 

The origins of Livraria Lello date back to the 18th century, when two brothers Jose and Antonio Lello opened a space focused on publishing and selling books. This place holds a special piece of history and would not disappoint the curious minds out there. 

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