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Pilgrimage: The Road To Rome – Walking the Via Francigena

For anyone who has caught the Pilgrimage bug and is looking for an alternative to the Camino – the Via Francigena pilgrimage to Rome is a treat. It is a bit more of a challenge, and it is less busy and well-walked than the Camino routes.  The beautiful Via Francigena pilgrimage trail runs from Canterbury in England to Rome in Italy. It is not as well waymarked nor does it have the frequency of facilities along the route and so will require more planning ahead of your days walking.

Nonetheless, this route is growing in popularity. It is particularly attractive to pilgrim’s who have completed the Camino de Santiago and are looking for their next adventure.

The Via Francigena pilgrimage leads to the Vatican and the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul.  This route is recognised by the Council of Europe as a Major Cultural Route.

After you finish the Via Francigena, you will receive your Testimonium – the certificate that you completed the Via Francigena pilgrimage to Rome.

Via Francigena - couple walking

Walking the Via Francigena

Follow the path in manageable sections from Canterbury to Rome on our unique and customisable itineraries.

Along the road to Rome, you will stay in high-quality local accommodation. You will have the opportunity to soak up the local culture in the UK, France, Switzerland, and Italy whilst sampling the culinary delights of each country you visit on the Via Francigena.

Via Francigena connects Canterbury, England to Rome, Italy. The complete route covers 1,000km. However, the route is divided into sixteen (16) manageable stages. Each stage is around 60-65km. You can choose to do just one section, a couple of stages together, or all of them. Everything is completely tailored to you and your group, so you can decide what works for you.

If walked in one go it will take about 50 days to complete this pilgrimage to Rome.

The Via Francigena on “The Road to Rome”

The Via Francigena was highlighted by the BBC in a three-part series called Pilgrimage: The Road To Rome. The documentary “explores how relevant the medieval rites of pilgrimage are in today’s society” by getting eight celebrities to challenge their beliefs and live as modern-day pilgrims, taking on the ancient 2,000km Via Francigena.

The group spends 15 days joining hundreds of other pilgrims along the 1,000km pilgrim path. The journey gives them a chance to reflect on their experience and challenge their beliefs as well as discuss ethical and spiritual issues along the way.

Pilgrimage The Road To Rome

Discover the Via Francigena for Yourself

This easy walking holiday through Tuscany will enchant you with stunning views, a rich history, and phenomenal food.

This popular walking path is challenging but rewarding as the beautiful scenery and magnificent points of interest make it worthwhile. You’ll see everything from flat plains and vineyards to lakes and mountains.

Contact us today to learn more about the Via Francigena pilgrimage to Rome! Whether you are still only dreaming about travel or ready to book, we can help make your vision a reality.

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