Top Tips for Walking the Via Francigena

The Testimonium – Via Francigena’s Pilgrim Certificate

On the Camino, you get your pilgrim passport or “credential” stamped in order to receive your Compostela certificate at the end of your pilgrimage. On the Via Francigena, you have your ‘credenziale’ stamped to receive your Testimonium.

What is the Testimonium?

The “Testimonium” is the certificate that you receive when you complete the Via Francigena pilgrimage to Rome. It is the certification that you have completed this walking or cycling pilgrimage through Italy.

In order to request your Testimonium, you will need to present your ‘credenziale’ or pilgrim passport with stamps from along the Via Francigena.

How Far Do You Need To Walk to Be Eligible for the Testimonium?

On the Camino, you need to cover at least 100km by foot or 200km by bicycle to be eligible for your Compostela. On the Via Francigena, the same rule applies – at least 100km by foot or 200km by bicycle. Of course, you can always do more, as the Via Francigena officially runs for over 1,900 kilometres or 1,180 miles!

the Via Francigena credenziale pilgrims passport

How To Apply For the Testimonium on the Via Francigena

When you get to Rome, you can get your Testimonium in several ways. Remember to bring your pilgrims passport!

The Information Office in St. Peter’s Square: Go to Piazza Pio XII, 9, on the right of Bernini’s colonnade standing with your back to the Basilica and at St. Giovanni dei Fiorentini. Your Testimonium may be posted to you if you apply for it here.

Mon/Sat 9:00 am/5:00 pm
Sun and holidays closed

the vatican in rome

The Pilgrim Office in the Vatican: The offices of the rectory of St. Peters. Use the Petriano entrance in piazza S. Uffizio. Go through the Ingresso del Petriano. Tell the Swiss Guard what you are looking for. They will direct you to the Palazzo della Canonica. Here you should receive your certificate right away and the walk through the Vatican is very interesting!

Open daily from 8:30 to 12:30
Closed on Wednesday and Sunday.
Tel +39 06 69883731

You can also visit one of the other offices or request your Via Francigena Testimonium by post. Get the most up-to-date information on the official Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi website or through the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome website.

Walk the Via Francigena

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Discover the Via Francigena pilgrimage for yourself! Explore this wonderful walking holiday from England to Italy. The Via Francigena offers incredible scenery, wonderful food, and plenty of rich cultural experiences on the way to the Eternal City.

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